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Online PR News – 04-May-2011 – – Human urine is not just a natural waste product of the human body, but it is used in many ways too. For instance, urine is often required by laboratories and photographers for different reasons. But, the problem is, getting natural human urine could often become quite a challenge, and it can cost a lot of time and money as well. That is why fake urine or synthetic urine has become so popular in recent times. Synthetic urine looks and feels just the same as real urine, and serves most purposes too. You won’t be able to make out the difference easily. QuickFixSynthetic is now offering information to help all those who need it learn about the best places to find urine on the Internet.

The demand for fake urine has been going up in recent times. Who needs it? Scientists working in laboratories need it for testing purposes. They need it for the lab equipment too for calibration. Quick fix fake urine is very close to the real thing and can serve their purpose very well. It is just the perfect alternative. The fake product is also used by drug testing labs for detecting masking agents. In fact, this is the main purpose for which the fake was initially developed. Some photographers also need it because they want the urine to be there in some shots. Human urine is not easy to get often, and it can be discolored, polluted, and smelly. There might be local regulations too against its use. But with synthetic urine, these are not concerns anymore.

Some people also use the fake urine to carry out pranks and practical jokes on those who would appreciate it. Of course, handling original urine is disgusting to onlookers when you stoop so low to pretend to use real human urine. But spraying these fakes can be acceptable to those who are ok with it.

In some societies, urine is used for religious purposes and for healing as well. The synthetic or the quick fix urine could be used for these purposes too. Then there are those who are wary of giving the real thing as sample for a medical test. They too often ask for the synthetic material.

QuickFixSynthetic is informing people only about those makers of synthetic urine that are able to make the synthetic blend accurate and completely identical to natural urine. Each box of the quick fix solution contains either two ounces (Quick Fix Urine 5.7), or three whole ounces (Quick Fix Urine 5.7 “PLUS”) of synthetic urine blend. The “PLUS” product is good for those who could do with some extra quantity of the material. Each kit also comes with a bottle with a pour spout lid and a heating pad, which remains attached to the bottle. There’s a temperature strip as well that can be used to ensure that the synthetic product is maintained at the right temperature.

About QuickFixSynthetic: QuickFixSynthetic is a company that offers information on the best sources to get fake or synthetic urine. The website ensures good customer service, prompt shipping, and timely service. Please visit the site for more information.

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