Alexander's For Hair Salon Offers Natural Alternatives To The Mistrusted Brazilian Blowout

While most hair salons in Los Angeles are offering Brazilian Blowout treatments, regardless of the widely known symptoms, Alexander's For Hair initiates a change by offering natural alternatives.

Online PR News – 29-April-2011 – – Ever since the Brazilian Blowout craze began, women all around the city have been running to the best hair salons los angeles has to offer in order to get their keratin treatments. Soon enough, the first lawsuits started popping up due to nose burning, eye irritation and other side effects which called for a safer alternative. For most people who wondered why they were given a gas mask during their Brazilian Blowout treatment, this didn’t come as a shock. Luckily, the alternative exists and it is currently being offered in select hair salons around the city.

As hair stylist Krissy from Alexander’s For Hair puts it “while the keratin treatment craze continues, we have opted out”. The risk is just not worth it according to the experienced stylist whose salon, Alexander’s For Hair, was recently voted as one of the best barbershops in LA. For those seeking straight hair without the hassle of getting up every morning and using hair straighteners repeatedly to achieve the desired effect, Krissy recommends a natural treatment called RealLisse, which is a 100% vegan formulation used for the purpose of relaxing and taming frizzy hair. It basically offers the same effect but without any harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde which has been known to have various side effects.

As a matter of fact, while most of the hair salons in los angeles seem to have embraced the trend regardless of all the negatives, there are a few selected salons that take initiative. After visiting Alexander’s For Hair, I noticed that almost all of their products are natural, and they screen all the products they carry to ensure that they are green. They carry a range of products, anything from hair colors all the way to nail polishes that have a low impact to the environment. We have made a commitment to the environment and to the health of our clients and stylists alike, Krissy states in her blog. With innovations like these, it’s no wonder how a newly established beauty salon managed to become one of the most successful hair salons in Los Angeles.

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