Membership Accountability in a Community

Netvillage provides an amazing membership management system, read on to understand in a simple manner how it works.

Online PR News – 30-April-2011 – – A chat with The Tea Lady about………..

Community Accountability

A registration option

Ah, come in and get out of the hallway, it’s busy around here at the moment, there’s options flying around everywhere ha ha ha.

Speaking about options, here is one I’ve been thinking about talking to you over a nice cuppa and potato scones seeing as how it’s a little chilly outside today.

Hot potato scones and frozen butter pats on them, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Ok, where I live, I can look out of my window and see a large shopping mall complex, well right beside it is an equally large piece of land with paved roads all through it and street lights and sidewalks.

Only thing is there is nothing built there, its one huge vacant lot, yet every night without fail, all of the lights are burning away, and if one fails they replace it.

Now this has got to be costing someone a lot of money but no one has done anything about it.

There is something missing and it needs to be addressed.


This might sound silly but it’s the same when you go to a function, sluuuurp………….sluuuurp, you look around, and there in the corner, some scoundrel not displaying any protocol when drinking tea, ha ha ha.

You say to yourself, who on earth brought that person along, cripes.

That may be a bit far fetched but there are some people who would like some level of accountability.

Accountability exists here but when one of the little sods upstairs here has been in the kitchen early in the morning, warming up an apple Danish in the oven, and just happens to leave the oven door open (with the kitchen light out), you can end up with a nasty bruise on your shin.

No one ever owns up but I know who it is though and add a little laxative to their tea, ha ha ha.

Oh, that’s retribution, hmmm, never mind, I won’t do it again.

Well, to get back to it, the little sods, I mean darlings here have a wonderful way of dealing with this.

To have accountability you need to start with people who will be responsible, they would be like the ones who bring those sort of people along to functions and they would also know who left the oven door open, ha ha ha.

I spoke about this from another perspective in my Community Hierarchy article.

So if you build up families (or groups) in your online community, as everyone is shown in a tiered pattern, you have a parent, children, grandchildren and so on.

The parents become the ones responsible for the actions of their kids, grandkids and great grandkids type of thing.

If one of the kids goes into a chat room and starts acting up, or they went somewhere they shouldn’t have, someone can have a wee chat to them on the side.

It’s a very simple option added to the member registration process requiring a code to verify your community invitation and is connected through the communities locks and keys.

Have a look at these two links and you will get some idea of the technology making this work.

So off you trot now, I’ve got things to do, as I said, its getting busy around here.

Kindest regards,
The tea lady
Bye bye.