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Watch Extreme Rules 2011 Online|Watch Extreme Rules 2011 Online Free|Extreme Rules 2011 Live Stream}. Right after the aftermath of WrestleMania 27, WWE's upcoming pay-per-view occasion is entitled Extreme Rules. In the Extreme Rules PPV, somethin

Online PR News – 29-April-2011 – – On the April 18 edition of Raw, John Morrison challenged R-Truth for Truth's spot in the match and won, but Reality turned heel and attacked Morrison soon after the match. Later on in the evening, it had been revealed that the match can be contested within a steel cage so no outdoors interference can get involved.

When you've got examine one wrestling document on the Internet in the very last three several years, you may know this theme: We are tired of the similar persons in the title photo.

So I am fairly certain many of us nearly had an aneurysm when John Cena's audio started off off Raw, followed by Randy Orton entering the ring.

I texted a number of pals of mine saying that if Cena and Orton deal with the Miz in the triple-threat match:

A) I'll no lengthier watch wrestling since there is no desire.

B) I'll break my TV in half out of anger.

Then, John Morrison saved us all as he arrived out to interrupt.

As much as I appreciate Morrison's in-ring ability, his mic function even now hasn't improved, even though everyone having a forum has complained about this. (And as most reports proposed, Morrison is in the WWE doghouse, so there was little hope that he would come to be the No. one contender.)

Following, Vicki Guerrero interrupted Morrison to add Dolph Ziggler to the combine.

To date, I've no authentic difficulties. These are all gamers I anticipated to become involved (with Triple H and CM Punk notably lacking).

We had just witnessed the dramatic retirement of Edge, and now they're trying to find out the No. one contender for the WWE title.

The crowd plainly was however stunned at the news, and was not fully focused on the action in the ring.

Resourceful required to bring the crowd back again, so what did they do? They had Nexus assault Orton, and had R-Truth cleanly beat Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison.

Which is not just what I would have carried out.

Then, "Super Cena" arrives to the ring, where by there was a greater likelihood of me being a woman than him dropping cleanly to R-Truth.

The cameraman gave away that the Miz and Alex Riley would interfere for the reason that he caught Riley tapping the Miz on the shoulder to provide him the cue to operate into the ring.

Even though most of us complained over and through all over again that we have been tired of seeing Cena in the title picture, this can be not what I had in brain, and I do not feel it really is what any of you had in head, once we reported a person new has to be concerned in the title photograph.

Why not throw Primo falling off the prime rope into the mix, and allow it to be a fatal four-way?

I guess the lesson that many of us learned is: Be careful what you want for in the IWC, due to the fact Vince McMahon and WWE Innovative will ensure it is happen, but screw you in the end and make you wish you had just Cena or Orton in the match to begin with.

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