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Gurdy.Net is operated by Willie Horton, a former accountant and banker who has experience assisting small businesses, large businesses, athletes, and both employed and unemployed individuals to live empowered, extraordinary

Online PR News – 02-December-2009 – – (November 4, 2009) Gurdy.Net has retained GetMeOnTop, a leading SEO firm located on Wall Street in Manhattan, NYC, and the Hamptons; GetMeOnTop, will be increasing the website recognition and visibility for Gurdy.Net by offering its innovative search engine optimization and web development services. GetMeOnTop is a company that has been ranked as one of the best SEO firms in the industry and the firm offers its extraordinary services to small and large businesses throughout the United States and Internationally. Considered best in class, GetMeOnTop strives to make a business achieve a #1 Google listing as well as the top search engine rankings in Bing.com, Yahoo.com, AOL.com, MSN.com, and others.
Gurdy.Net is operated by Willie Horton, a former accountant and banker who has experience assisting small businesses, large businesses, athletes, and both employed and unemployed individuals to live empowered, extraordinary lives. Mr. Horton is an international keynote speaker, a successful consultant to business leaders, a regular contributor to magazines, journals, and newspapers, a published author, and the proud father of three children. Through Gurdy.Net, Mr. Horton offers two day personal development training seminars that allow others to change their lives and to achieve the success that they seek.
Gurdy.Net offers empowering life changing workshops and seminars for people, business owners, and Fortune 500 companies. A company that has been in the personal development industry since 1996, Gurdy.net offers powerful video seminars and workshops that will educate anyone and everyone on how to master their own mind, and life. Through the offerings on Gurdy.Net individuals are supplied with empowering information via the latest technologies so that one can live a full life that is satisfying and successful. Gurdy.Net has provided personal development and training for Fortune 500 companies and a prestigious client list that includes businesses like Pfizer, Deloitte, Wyeth, KPMG, Nestle, Allergan, PwC, and Merrill Lynch. Now the company is turning to GetMeOnTop so that the company can reach even more people looking to empower themselves and their business through the programs and seminars offered by Gurdy.Net.
GetMeOnTop will be supplying Gurdy.Net with web development consulting services, web marketing services, keyword enrichment research and implementation, article creation, press release creation and distribution, and Internet marketing services as well as search engine optimization services. The sole aim of GetMeOnTop is to make Gurdy.Net more readily recognized and accessible on the Internet and to increase the amount of web traffic that the company’s website receives. GetMeOnTop will use innovative, ethical, white hat measures to ensure that Gurdy.Net develops a solid, strong, and lasting web presence, high web traffic volumes, and great search engine rankings in Google and all the major search engines across the net.
Gurdy.Net publishes a free video ezine which presently has over 2,000 readers. The readers of the free weekly ezine offered by Gurdy.Net include business owners, sports people, athletes, CEOs, executives, artists, and everyday individuals looking to make their dreams a reality. Gurdy.Net is equipped with the knowledge and resources to help you manifest your desires. Check out Gurdy.Net where you will get immediate access to 5 Minute video seminars, all of which are completely free and cover topics like “How to Cope with Stress,” “Achieving Exceptional Business Success,” “Improving Self-Esteem,” and “Practical Meditation.”
Of the program offerings from Gurdy.net, Warren Fox, Managing Director of Marketing Impressions Ltd. says:

“Extraordinary and insightful. If you only ever attend one course in your life....this is the one! Willie's depth of knowledge and research is unrivalled. He delivers his message in an entertaining yet precise fashion giving everyone who attends the tools to go out and finally live their life to the full. “

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