ConferenceSuite Selected As Conference Provider For Produce Traceability Initiative

Web conferencing firm ConferenceSuite, has been selected as the sole conference provider by The Next Version Software, developer of fresh produce traceability software, eProduce.

Online PR News – 27-January-2009 – – DELMAR, CA -- Popular phone and web conferencing firm, ConferenceSuite, recently announced that it has been chosen as the sole conference provider to support a new produce traceability initiative.

The Next Version Software, LLC, developer of eProduce, an ISO GSI standardized fresh produce 'farm-to-fork' traceability software for the fresh produce industry, selected ConferenceSuite as the firm of choice. Through ConferenceSuite's web conferencing services, growers and packing facilities associated with distributors are able to communicate more efficiently in training users of the eProduce application.

A premier audio and web conference service provider, ConferenceSuite offers affordable and dependable audio, web and special event conferencing services for companies of all sizes. Through its innovative audio and web conferencing technology, ConferenceSuite helps firms communicate effectively and easily with business associates, clients and other contacts in countries around the world. To meet its clients' wide range of conferencing needs, ConferenceSuite ( offers a variety of services that range from basic conferencing without any contractual commitment to 'white glove' concierge conferencing services moderated by a trained operator.

"There is no better way to demonstrate the benefits of 'Farm-To-Fork' traceability software than through web conferencing. ConferenceSuite provides a reliable web conference solution that enables The Next Version Software to connect with growers, packing facilities, wholesalers, distributors and retailers to demonstrate the benefits of eProduce. In a struggling economy, the business of tracking and tracking of fresh produce products must go on, as demonstrated with the recent condemnation of peanut butter and peanut butter products, tainted with salmonella" stated Anderson Grogen Sr., CEO of The Next Version Software.

Critical to increasing the security and effectiveness in the produce supply chain, produce traceability is a safety measure that offers instant traceability records as a response to any suspicious product recalls or food-related contamination, including E. coli and salmonella outbreaks.

Produce traceability affects all parties involved in the fresh produce supply chain, including packing suppliers and facilities, growers, trucking companies, FDA, USDA, as well as the end consumer who may become ill from consumption of contaminated produce. There are many benefits of traceability including the elimination of product category recalls and/or condemnation where thousands of growers and packing facilities may be wrongfully implicated and/or affected by such recall and/or condemnation, costing suppliers millions in lost revenue.

The Next Version Software's development of eProduce enables immediate compliance to government regulations by offering web-based, real-time, fresh produce Business Process Management (BPM) and 'farm-to-fork' fresh produce trace-back software. Additionally, to help ensure fresh produce safety, all parties involved in the industry are encouraged to adopt ISO GSI Standards, which enable fresh produce suppliers to quickly and accurately identify fresh produce that may be suspected to contain a food borne illness.

For additional safety measures, via web conferencing with ConferenceSuite, the produce industry now has access to review 'Best Practices' according to FDA GAP principles, providing instant access to third party packing facility audit reports, which certify inspection of fresh produce facilities.

"Our partnership with ConferenceSuite will help to further expand the effectiveness of our eProduce software, therefore ensuring overall higher standards for public safety," concluded Grogen Sr.

About ConferenceSuite: Conferencing services firm, ConferenceSuite, ( prides itself on offering innovative and easy to use conference services to businesses of all sizes. Through its audio and web conferencing services, ConferenceSuite helps businesses effectively communicate with associates, clients and other contacts from around the world.

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