Umbrella Corp LaunchesTwo New Class Action Websites

Umbrella Corp announces two new websites to its family of online class action informational and news sites.

Online PR News – 28-April-2011 – – The new websites showcase the company's new finance division, specializing in finance class action lawsuits and securities lawsuits. The company was launched earlier this year, with its first class action lawsuit sites announced in February, 2011. The new finance unit is expected to grow quickly, with much positive feedback from the internet public already.

In keeping with Umbrella Corp's mission statement of making class action lawsuit news and information readily available to the general public in an easy to understand format for the lay person, the managers of the two new websites will concentrate on demystifying securities and financial class action lawsuits.

The Securities Class Action Lawsuit site is designed to inform the lay public on this sometimes mystifying sector of the larger lawsuit industry. Beyond the well-known class action areas of product liability and drug injuries, there are less known types of lawsuits, and in this case, it's the world of securities class action lawsuits. This obscure area of litigation covers mostly shareholder lawsuits, and are based on financial reporting. To the general public, this type of lawsuit is not as interesting or dramatic, not to mention more difficult to understand. Almost everyone knows about the Walmart class action or the Taco Bell class action, but lawsuits such as the one against Puda Coal or the case against ShengdaTech are less well known.

"Even though the world of finance Class Action Lawsuits is of limited interest to most people, we believe our two new websites make this important topic interesting as well as understandable." says Mitch Vesolka, head of the new finance lawsuit division of Umbrella Corp. "The corporate world if full of wrongdoings and false financial reporting, and we think the public should know about this underside of modern business. Whether each case turns out to have merit or not, the very idea that corporations and money managers have in the past and will continue in the future to manipulate their financial reports. By doing so they are affecting future investors' decision on whether to buy shares, and should be held accountable for omitting information from their financials" said Mr. Vesolka of his crusade to educate the public via the new websites. "The world of current class action lawsuits is not easy to navigate for the untrained, and we're here to help."

At the securities lawsuit website, visitors will learn of current class action lawsuits involving shareholder lawsuits, securities lawsuits, and securities lawsuit settlements. Most securities lawsuits are brought by disgruntles investors who believe they were misled by false financial reports. Things like leaving out the expected effect of major corporate events like mergers is grounds for a shareholder lawsuit.

The finance class action website will showcase lawsuits brought against banks and large corporations, for the most part. Excessive fees, commercial fraud, and wrongful foreclosure are just a few of the types of finance class actions highlighted on the new site.

Umbrella Corp is pleased with the look and the with the quality of writing on the two new sites, which join the company's fast growing network of class action lawsuit data online.

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