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12/02/2009 added a new report on "Global Consumer Trends: Health" which gives detailed trends analysis on the importance of consumer health.

Online PR News – 02-December-2009 – – Global Consumer Trends: Health

For 75% of consumers across 17 countries and 4 regions, "maintaining or improving health" has become more important to them in the 2 years since 2007 report New Developments in Global Consumer Trends. This report outlines how over 40 health-driven trends influence consumer lifestyles and product choices globally and considers the implications and opportunities for industry players. ( )


* Detailed trend analysis outlining what constitutes 'value' for consumers (trends are, after all, a reflection of what's important to consumers)
* Global in focus, but also offers country-by-country and category-by-category insights thereby catering to top-line or more specific information needs
* Covers all major FMCG sectors, but also with applicability to wider consumer goods audiences
* One of 10 dedicated mega-trend reports outlining the most important issues shaping global consumers' buying behavior both now and in the future


Good trend-watching is about taking the bigger-picture approach. Adopting a broader global perspective to trend-tracking facilitates better decision making by overcoming 'category myopia'. Monitoring the broader FMCG environment will enable bigger picture learning that can be applied more specifically

Even in 2004, 91% of US respondents told that "improving their physical health" was either 'very important' (40%) or 'important' (51%) to them. The most recent research shows that US consumers are continuing to adopt a more proactive approach towards managing their health

75% of Australians told in April 2009 that maintaining or improving their health has become more important to them in the last two years. Nearly a third of these respondents (31%) stated it had become 'significantly more important'. Japanese respondents were least inclined within the Asia Pacific region to express this sentiment

Reasons to Purchase

* Understand the significance of the different health-aligned trends across territories and FMCG sectors to help support market diversification plans
* Save time and gain maximal insight by using this 'one-stop-shop' resource which offers a clear and up-to-date framework for understanding consumers
* Access data from two waves of global primary research to increase the likelihood of being 'on-trend' with NPD and marketing activities

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