Flat Fee MLS Listings in Virginia Save Sellers Thousands In Real Estate Commissions

Independent comparison reveals sellers using Flat Fee MLS listings in Virginia save thousands of dollars in commissions verse less flexible Real Estate methods.

Online PR News – 29-April-2011 – – An independent comparison of home sellers that used the leading Flat Fee MLS Listing agency in Virginia, GoToFSBO, verse commission based and less flexible Real Estate sales methods revealed several significant advantages. Advantages that include the flexibility to show a home at times convenient for the seller, not just the agent, the potential to save thousands and even tens of thousands in Real Estate commissions, and the opportunity to sell a home quicker due the ability to pass some of the savings onto the buyer to help facilitate the sale.

GoToFSBO's Flat Fee MLS packages offer home sellers an opportunity to pay No Real Estate commission when selling directly to a buyer using their experienced and fully Licensed GoToFSBO Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Attorneys, Title Company, Appraisers and Home Inspection services.

Professionals that are versed in what's working in the current market conditions and understand how important it is to retain as much of the equity from the sale of your home as possible. These services, combined with the benefits outlined, have contributed greatly to the popularity of the GoToFSBO Flat Fee MLS approach.

According to Debbie Kent, president of GoToFSBO, the independent comparison revealed that homes that sold for $250,000 using a GoToFSBO Flat Fee MLS package provided sellers an extra $7500-$15,000 above what was achieved by sellers using 'traditional' commission focused Real Estate methods. Accordingly, Virginia homes that sold for $350,000 and took advantage of the Flat Fee MLS GoToFSBO approach were able to provide sellers on average an extra $10,500-$21,000 above sellers that didn’t take advantage of the Flat Fee MLS approach.

While home sellers that used the Flat Fee GoToFSBO MLS approach and sold for more than $350,000 were able to pocket an exponentially larger amount of savings over home sellers that used a 'traditional' commission focused sales approach.

Ms. Kent explains that GoToFSBO homes are listed in the MLS where they are visible to prospective buyers in the same manner used by 'traditional' Realtors, but with one major difference-

"The MLS system provides great exposure for home sellers, however, most agents and agencies want a 3% commission. By helping our clients get this same exposure for a few hundred dollars, instead of ultimately paying thousands in Real Estate commissions, our sellers are in a far better position to achieve a higher return in investment."

Savings available through the following GoToFSBO Flat Fee Multiple Listing Service options:

- For Sale By Owner using a Flat Fee GoToFSBO MLS listing where an outside Real Estate agent delivers the buyer resulting in paying only a 2.5 to 3 percent commission. Thus allowing the seller to pocket the 3 to 3.5 percent savings in commission.

- For Sale By Owner using an all inclusive GoToFSBO package that contains an MLS listing, inclusion in an full color FSBO homes for sale magazine, website advertising, signage, brochures, phone support, purchase offer preparation, paperwork review and personal assistance from start to closing. A package that can result in paying No Real Estate commission thus allowing the seller to keep the entire 6 to 6.5% savings in commissions.

Other key benefits include the ability to show a home on the dates and times most convenient for the seller, as opposed to an agent, and faster turn around times due to the flexibility to negotiate a mutually beneficial price absent the need to pay between 3% to 6.5% in commissions. A shorter time on market also provided significant cost savings due to reductions in utility, tax bills and other expenses thus providing the potential for even greater financial gains.

Other valuable benefits and cost saving measures provided by GoToFSBO include a comparative Market Analysis and Appraisals, syndication on leading national websites and educational For Sale By Owner (FSBO) home selling seminars.

For more information on listing or purchasing a home using the Flat Fee MLS approach visit- http://www.gotofsbo.com or view the website in the window below. Interested parties are also invited to email or call GoToFSBO owner Debbie Kent.

About: GoToFSBO has been focused on creating a professional, cost effective and highly visible real estate service for home owners wanting to sell their property 'by owner' since 1995 with extreme care toward making the process go smoothly, improving the quality of the sales experience and helping sellers save money.

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