Black Caviar Horse and Bronx Zoo Cobra Social Media Marketing Strategy Study

Black Caviar race horse and Bronx Zoo Cobra enjoy Social Media success due to five key principles.

Online PR News – 29-April-2011 – aus – Social Media, a horse and a reptile aren't something normally heard in the same conversation. However, the Bronx Zoo Cobra and the race horse Black Caviar have quickly changed that perception while supplying evidence that a successful Social Media marketing strategy has no limits expect those imposed by imagination.

According to this independent study the freedom seeking Bronx Zoo Cobra and the horse racing sensation Black Caviar achieved Social Media Viral Marketing success by following a proven strategy. A strategy that involves the four key networking principles listed below:

- Harness a 'valid' Real Time event, or series of events.
- Quickly engage the target audience through direct interaction.
- Be creative, supply entertainment or provide timely information.
- Choose the right platform, or platforms, for efficiently reaching the target audience.

For those not familiar with the reasons for the horse Black Caviar's world wide recognition read:

The mighty mare Black Caviar continues her quest for horse racing history in the BTC Cup.

Undefeated in twelve straight dominating starts, amassing record after record, it appears the only thing that can stop Black Caviar is Black Caviar herself.

For those not familiar with the antics that made the Bronx Zoo Cobra famous read this article:

The Tweeting Cobra found at home in the Bronx Zoo reptile house.

The Bronx Zoo Cobra amassed more than 200,000 Twitter followers during its run for daylight, including over 20,000 in the first 24 hours.

The major difference between the two, aside from a Reptile verse Equine comparison, is that Black Caviar's fame is built on non-fictional events while the Bronx Zoo Cobra slithered to great heights based on mostly fictional situations. The reason this distinction is important because it illustrates a fifth key principal for Social Media success- Sustainability.

So far the Bronx Zoo Cobra Twitter account has sustained a degree of Social Media viral marketing success since the slippery one was recaptured. However, sustaining this success is much more difficult now because one element of 'real time', which encompassed the reptiles escape, is greatly reduced.

Black Caviar still maintains a real time fascination with every race she's run and won in dominating fashion. Racing enthusiasts and sports fans the world over are keenly looking forward to her next start, which is scheduled to be in the $400,000 BTC Cup on the 14th of May.

Other Social Media networking and viral marketing advantages that point to sustainability for the race horse Black Caviar include:

Black Caviar also has a very popular Social Media Facebook Fan Page, the largest following of any active race horse.

The topic of Black Caviar's performances dominate Horse Racing Forums and newspaper Blogs throughout Australasia and the world.

Black Caviar is also a Youtube success. Her latest victory in the $600,000 T J Smith Stakes led to the posting of no less than a half dozen videos in 48 hours.

Just before and after each race she runs Black Caviar is hugely popular on Twitter, even surpassing the more traditional and expensive appetizer. Black Caviar is the most tweeted race horse in sports.

While there's no doubt the Bronx Zoo Cobra captured the imaginations of New Yorkers and others around the world, Black Caviar has the more impressive resume including prize earnings totaling over $2,599,250 million dollars in just twelve career starts. A resume that can be viewed in her horse Form Guide attached beneath this release.

In the "Sport of Kings", the horse Black Caviar has become the Queen of Social Media. In the world of Reptiles, the Bronx Zoo Cobra has proven to be the King of Social Media.

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