Proximity to film industry attracts creative work force to Atwater Village and Silverlake homes

LA real estate agent specializing in Northeast Los Angeles homes sees market strength in custom and vintage Atwater Village homes and Silverlake homes due to film industry commuter point location.

Online PR News – 02-December-2009 – – Atwater Village, Calif. – Atwater Village is a small, friendly community, with charming custom homes and vintage homes, but that's only part of its attraction to homebuyers. The other part is its proximity to all the things that make Los Angeles tick.

Los Angeles real estate agent Raphael Guerin, who specializes in Northeast LA homes, including Atwater Village and Silverlake, says that easy commutes to film industry jobs are key to the area's role as a great place to live for those who play leading or supporting roles to the entertainment industry that is so key to the region's economic health.

"For those who need easy access to one or more of the many studio lots in Los Angeles," Guerin says, "Atwater Village is the perfect place to live because of its proximity to the entertainment world. It is right in the hub of the action."

"In fact, whether you work at Disney, NBC, DreamWorks SKG, or CBS Studio Center, you're within a 15 minute commute from Atwater Village homes and condos."

To illustrate the easy commute for film industry workers, Guerin compiled a list of typical commute times to the following major studios:

- Disney - 6.4 miles - 9 minutes from Atwater Village
- Warner Bros. - 6.8 miles - 9 minutes from Atwater Village
- NBC - 6.9 miles - 10 minutes from Atwater Village
- ABC Studios Touchstone - 11.4 miles - 19 minutes from Atwater Village
- Dreamworks SKG - 4.1 miles - 11 minutes from Atwater Village
- CBS Studio Center - 11.2 miles - 15 minutes from Atwater Village
- CBS Television City - 7.3 miles - 14 minutes from Atwater Village

Of course, Guerin notes that there are numerous smaller independent studios within a short distance of Atwater Village as well, in addition to thousands of jobs and business that play supporting roles to the film industry.

"My job is to help film industry workers and other Los Angeles home buyers find a great place to live that's going to be ideal for their career and lifestyle. I make it my business to know Silverlake homes and neigbhborhoods, as well as the entire Atwater Village area, because I really believe this is an underserved area that has great home values right now."

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