MetaProducts Offline Browser: Offline Browsers Have Never Been So Easy to Use!

MetaProducts Corporation has announced the release of MetaProducts Offline Browser, or MOB, an offline browser that is compatible with all popular Internet browsers, including Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. When compared with other offline browsers, MOB is remarkably easy to use, but still retains many of the features and all of the well-known internal power of Offline Explorer.

Online PR News – 30-April-2011 – – Offline browsers are designed to download selected web pages or entire websites for the later offline viewing in a browser, without connection to the Internet. However, most, if not all, offline browsers are difficult to understand and require knowledge of complex settings that are too complicated to understand except by highly technical or experienced users. MOB was designed to remedy this problem: It is simple and easy to understand rather than complex and confusing.

When MOB is started, a simple toolbar appears in the upper right corner of your browser. Once a Web site is selected in your browser, all the user needs to do is click on the DOWNLOAD button to download the Web site. If the user wants to view his downloads or change his download settings, a small window can be displayed by clicking on an icon on the toolbar. In most cases, however, once the user completes this initial setup, all he needs to do from that point on is select a Web page and click on the DOWNLOAD button. It is that easy.

MOB comes with a WIZARD to help the user configure more complex download tasks, and a SCHEDULER, which allows the user to automate downloading tasks on a periodic basis. It is even possible to download only certain file types, like images, video and audio files, web pages, archive files, scripts, styles, flash, and more. MOB also includes and EXPORT feature that allow users to export his downloaded Web sites into other file formats.

One of the more impressive features of MOB is AUTOSAVE, which, once enabled, allows a user to download any missing pages simply by clicking on the link to that page. Further, a user can use AUTOSAVE to download only the individual pages he needs, saving all the pages he clicks on as he browses a Web site.

MOB is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows NT® 4.0, Windows XP, Windows 2003 or Windows Vista. The supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.


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Founded in 1997, MetaProducts Corporation is a software development company specializing in high-quality web spidering and file download application. The company sells other offline browsers including the MetaProducts Offline Explorer family of products and MetaProducts Portable Offline Browser.