With tML®-cabling systems to the Next Generation Network

Dortmund, 28 April 2011. Following the approval of the 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet standard last year, the tde - trans data elektronik GmbH, a leading manufacturer, distributor and system provider of network technology and a pioneer in the field of fibre optic multi-fibre technology, offers an advanced product range of high quality 40/100 GbE compliant network components "Made in Germany" as part of the modular tML® - tde Modular Link system.

Online PR News – 30-April-2011 – – The so-called Next Generation Networks - 40/100 GbE networks with a maximum data transfer rate of 40 or 100 GB per second respectively - are used withhigh-quality OM 3 and OM 4 fibre cables and MPO-based parallel optical transceivers in combination with an equally high-quality MPO/ MTP® connector technology.

For the transmission of 40GbE, a 12-fiber MPO/MTP® connector is used. The four outer fibres are used for transmitting and receiving signals, while the remaining channels stay inactive. The transfer of 100GbE requires 10 fibres for sending and 10 fibres for receiving signals. This is achieved either by using 10 middle fibres of two 12-fibre MPO/MTP® connectors, or by using one 24-fibre MPO/MTP® connector.

"Everyone still relying on conventional connection technology will sooner or later reach a dead end because next generation networks can not be realised in this way. Our tML®-system supports 40/100 Gb Ethernet and provides investment protection as well as a flexible migration path to the following generation networks, "said André Angel, CEO of tde-trans data Elektronik GmbH.

40/100 GbE-compliant components
tML® offers components for 40/100 GbE as well as OM 3 and OM 4 fibre cables, which are pre-assembled in a plug and play cable system there with reducing the installation effort on site to a minimum. All modules and components are backward-compatible within the tML® system and gain significant operating distance. Furthermore, the concept of the single-system tML® platform allows for a simple migration to future transmission rates of 40/100 Gigabit per second at a later time. By using sophisticated manufacturing methods, tde achieves a very low connector loss reaching a maximum of 0.25 dB for standard connectors. Even the technically demanding MPO/MTP® connector comes with a typical connector loss of maximal 0.17 to 0.35 dB. In this way, tde not only meets the low loss budget of 1.9 dB, which is required for 40/100 GbE. Additionally, there are still reserves for larger installation projects. Optimised bending fibres, which allow extremely small bending radii during installation, are generally used.

The tML® – tde Modular Link System

tML® is a patented, modular cable system that comprises three core components: Modules, trunk cable and rack mount enclosure. All system components are prepared and tested in the factory before going out to data centres, where they are predominantly installed. The plug & play installation ensures that systems can be up and running in the shortest amount of time. There are fibre optic and twisted-pair modules, which can be jointly used in a single rack mount enclosure therewith achieving a very high port density. The heart of the system is formed by the rear-mounted MTP®/MPO and telco connectors, which enable the connection of at least 6 ports at once using 10 GbE or GbE performance. At 40/100 GbE, the modules are replaced by front panels with MPO adapters. Thus, using 48 MPO-connectors, 1152 fibres can be implemented in a single rack unit.

About tde – trans data elektronik GmbH
As an internationally successful company in the field of data and communications systems tde – trans data elektronik GmnH – specialises in the manufacture, distribution and installation of networking components. With an extremely high-quality range of copper and fibre optic cable products, including matching connection and splicing systems, tde is an experienced networking expert providing full-service solutions for industry and the telecommunications sector in fields such as LAN, SAN and WAN. In addition to manufacturing and distributing tde, as a full-system provider, offers the full range of services from planning to installation from one source. For further information see www.tde.de