Affordable Linear and Non-linear Structural Stress FEA Analysis Services

FEA Outsourcing is a leading FEA analysis services offering quality and cost effective linear and non linear structural stress finite element analysis services for better product design within time.

Online PR News – 28-April-2011 – – FEA Outsourcing is a FEA consulting company that specializes in providing linear and non linear finite element analysis services for part design with high quality and accuracy at competitive rates around the globe.

We have high skilled and expert team of FEA consulting engineers that have extensive experience in providing linear and non linear analysis services for both metallic and composite structures.
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Finite Element Analysis includes:

• Linear stress and deflection analysis
• Failure analysis
• Static or Dynamic Linear vibration analysis

At FEA Outsourcing, our experts use both Solidworks and Ansys for simulation purpose, according to the client’s fea analysis related requirements. Non linear analysis is an expensive and time consuming process, and therefore we use the finest technology to derive accurate technical data for multi-point optimization of designs, right from the start.

Non-linear Analysis Services include:

• Material creep testing
• Surface contact analysis
• Structural failure prediction
• Large displacement calculation
• Non linear stress analysis
• High temperature structural simulation
• Multi-body dynamics
• Deflection analysis
• Non-linear vibration analysis

Save up to 60% on your linear and non linear structural stress analysis project costs!

At FEA Outsourcing, We help in determining primary aspects of linear analysis such as stress relationship and deformation behaviors and thus form the foundation of further advanced analysis, along with non-linear analysis.

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