Unique Spam Detection Protects Users From Scammers

Online PR News – 29-April-2011 – – Provo, Utah April 28, 2011 – The online singles scene is already a tough enough world to navigate with fake profiles and people who are interested in gaining a person's vulnerable trust to take advantage of them for the purpose of defrauding them. Free online dating websites are the most vulnerable to scammers and spammers of other kinds because of the ease of access in setting up free profiles.

One free online dating service has set out to protect its users from identity theft and scamming. will be launching a very restrictive anti-spam / scam script into their site coming in June 2011. understands the vulnerability of single people and dating. They first and foremost want online dating to be affordable and accessible, allowing the maximum number of potential 'dates' to register. They also understand that in order to make this happen, they are going to have to weed out a few bad eggs whose sole intent is to ruin the experience for all with whom they connect.

Wanting users to feel safe, set out to have one of the most comprehensive Anti-scam policies, setting up a special educational page on their site exploring all the possible scams dating services are plagued by and how to recognize and avoid them in order to have a fun and hassle-free online dating experience. Additionally, they have set-up a very easy reporting program for users to report suspected scammers and their triple threat will be the launch in June of a scammer detection script which will help identify scammers signing up on the site while they are signing up and before they gain access to member information.

For more information, visit It is a free dating service. The Anti-Spam program is set to launch June 01, 2011.