SlickAccess Offers Instant and Secure Access to Corporate Applications in Disaster Situations

SlickAccess enables enterprises to remain productive in cases of a widespread disease epidemic or natural disaster

Online PR News – 01-December-2009 – – December 1, 2009 (Jerusalem, Israel) – SlickAccess, the provider of the simplest application connectivity management solution, today announced that its UserConnect™ user connectivity management software enables enterprises to provide employees instant and secure remote access to corporate applications and resources, even in disaster or related situations in which staff are prevented from arriving to work.

UserConnect is uniquely designed to enable IT departments to provide employees not assigned a preconfigured corporate laptop with simple and secure remote access to corporate applications and resources. The UserConnect management server is installed with an enterprise datacenter, while the UserConnect software is installed on a USB drive. When the USB drive containing the UserConnect software is connected to any personal computer, users are immediately authenticated and then provided with instant and secure access to internal corporate applications and resources. Users can access their assigned internal corporate applications and resources through UserConnect’s real-time toolbar. UserConnect ensures that all employees, especially those not assigned a laptop or mobile computing device, have simple and secure remote access to all necessary corporate applications and resources anywhere and anytime.

“Many IT departments, regardless of the size of the enterprise, are unprepared for a sudden jump in employees having to work remotely," explained Dan Yachin, Research Director of Emerging Technology at IDC EMEA. “SlickAccess allows the majority of corporate staff to remain productive in unplanned or unforeseen situations when access to the workplace is restricted.”

“Scenarios in which enterprise business activity is seriously interrupted due to a widespread epidemic, such as the Swine Flu, a natural disaster or a security threat are realistic and have occurred,” said Lior Tal, CEO and Cofounder of SlickAccess. “For enterprises and organizations to be prepared for and overcome such situations, SlickAccess offers a simple and secure remote access solution for all employees, especially the overwhelming majority that provide an essential operational functional through the use of desktop computers, to continue working outside the office.”
UserConnect is agentless, does not require an executable installation and can be quickly installed within hours without any infrastructure changes to the network. The UserConnect application is highly intuitive and requires minimal initial end user training.

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SlickAccess develops and markets UserConnect – a software solution to increase application availability to users. UserConnect assists companies in providing always-on-user-connectivity within internal and external networks. UserConnect eliminates complex and time consuming processes of IT in assigning and delivering application connectivity to users. UserConnect also provides users with a simple and consistent way – toolbar – to access their applications anywhere, anytime.

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