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Having arthritis is not a reason for anyone to deny medical insurance. First Preferred Healthcare has come up with health insurance for this condition too. The company started such a scheme to give a relief for the patients who are suffering from the heavy pain in joints because of arthritis.

Online PR News – 28-April-2011 – – Dania Beach, FL –28/04/2011- Arthritis is an inflammation of joints that results in pain, swelling, stiffness and limited movement. There are more than hundred types of arthritis and it is a very common condition. If there is pain and inflammation in your joints, whether it's due to aging or due to an autoimmune form of the disease, medical treatment is very essential to function with this condition. And to have a medical treatment, one must be sure that the insurance plan covers the treatment that a patient needs. It is very important to be as accurate and specific as possible to get arthritis insuranceproviding all the medical information. Also if a person suffers from arthritis and does not inform the medical company in fear of losing medical insurance, he/she may lose insurance coverage and if found guilty, he/she have to pay hefty fines or even serve time in jail.

First Preferred Healthcare introduces arthritis health insurance for a simple reason that health insurance should not be denied for those suffering from arthritis. The company assures that arthritis is not a reason to prevent anyone to have quality medical insurance. Their agents also offer HIPAA compliant creditable coverage plans with benefits that can help you in time of sickness or injury. They also believe that it can be a huge relief for the patients who are already suffering with pain and difficulties.

The insurance scheme at First Preferred Healthcare starts from $79 per month. There are more than 300 health plans from the company with a free and unlimited 24/7 medical hot-line. “These plans are affordable, benefit rich, and easy to apply for. Best of all, they are no deductibles for you to meet, so plans start paying towards your care right away! Because we specialize in working with people who have pre-existing conditions, our agents are experts in this niche, and our plans accept 98% of applicants. When you speak with an agent, you’ll know during the first call if we have plans to meet your needs, who the carrier is, and what rates are available.” Says the spokesperson atFirst Preferred Healthcare. Anyone who is interested to claimarthritis insurance or pre-existing condition insurance plans,can readily get it by either contacting through their hotline number or filling out the form given on the company website.

About First Preferred Insurance:

First Preferred Healthcare is a company with years of traditions in health insurance. It has more than 500,000 Providers all over the world. This health insurance company provides assistance onarthritis health insurancewithout any complications. Apart from arthritis insurance, it also provides assistance on pre-existing condition insurance plans.

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