Reports Superior Conditions for US to Legalize Online Poker

In the eyes of many Americans, the online poker industry’s infamous ‘Black Friday’ tossed a dismal gloom upon their hopes that the US government would eventually legalize online poker; or did it? reports superior conditions for the country to finally sanction a regulatory structure for legal online poker in the US.

Online PR News – 27-April-2011 – – Sliema, Malta – The now infamous ‘Black Friday’ that fell upon the online poker industry two weeks ago has raised numerous issues for Americans, namely whether they will ever be able to play online poker in a 100% legal environment. The events of that ominous day foretell a long and winding road ahead, but it may not be such a dismal one as most American online poker players are anticipating.

When the FBI seized control of the domain names,, and on April 15, 2011, the online poker community was beyond shocked. The outrage could be felt worldwide on behalf of American online poker players and offshore operators alike. The details of the indictment were proudly displayed by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) on each of the domain names in question, replacing the familiar home page of these web sites.

As the missive entailed, each poker operator was suspect for violation of numerous US edicts, including unlawful internet gambling, money laundering and bank fraud. The indictment had been filed by Preet Bharara, US Attorney of the Southern District of New York (Manhattan).

Within a few days, representatives of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker had each agreed to a deal presented by the DoJ. It had two major stipulations attached. The first was that the operator must work to expedite a refund of all American player bankrolls. Secondly, they must accede that the poker room will by no means permit US residents to make a deposit or play real money poker on their site ever again.

Absolute Poker and UB rejected the same accord, at least temporarily. These online poker rooms are still allowing their existing American members to play online poker provided that they already have an active bankroll. Deposit and withdrawals are prohibited for the moment. Absolute Poker and UB have stated that they are taking the legal advice of their attorneys, which is to tentatively review the indictment and intricacies of the case before taking any immediate action.

While the masses are scowling that current circumstances have all but demolished any hope of legal online poker in the US,, leading authority in online gambling resources and information, has been following the debacle with a slightly different perspective. has analyzed all aspects of the issue and reports that the chances of a federal-level, legal framework for online poker is actually more likely at this point in time than ever before.

The legality of online poker was at its closest legislative point near the end of 2011 when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada pushed for passage of an online poker bill that would provide the necessary structure for regulation, while also postulating a blackout period between the time of the bill’s passage and enforcement. This would allow America’s brick-and-mortar casinos decorous time to integrate software and quality features that would compare to today’s largest offshore internet gambling sites.

One of the most significant issues that thwarted passage of the bill was that US casinos do not believe they have potential to compete in the online poker industry due to the aggressive nature of the business and longevity of so many distinguished operators. The blackout period was meant to resolve the problem, but land-based casino operators in the US still didn’t feel they could overcome the competitive nature of such a fierce, global commerce.

With the world’s leading online poker sites now forced out of the United States thanks to the US DoJ, those same US casino representatives should see this as the ideal moment to jump on a multi-billion-dollar bandwagon.

In addition, the Poker Players Alliance (PPA), which has been fighting the government on its illegal online poker stance since the passage of the UIGEA in 2006, has been reinvigorated like never before. Millions of American online poker enthusiasts who didn’t bother to join the dispute in the past (i.e. previous members of PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and UB) have added their voices to the campaign. Numerous political constituents who have supported regulation all along are continuing to uphold the cause with renewed vitality.

According to, due to the multitude of beneficial elements taking precedence, now, more than ever, online poker actually stands a strong chance for legalization in the United States. The online gambling web site is committed to following all developments to be chronicled for the public on

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