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12/01/2009 added a new report on "Global Consumer Trends: Individualism" which gives the significance of the different individualism-aligned trends across territories and FMCG sectors.

Online PR News – 01-December-2009 – – Global Consumer Trends Individualism

When surveyed in August 2008, more than two thirds of respondents across the Asia Pacific region expressed the view that using specifically-designed products is 'important' or 'very important' to them. This is indicative of consumers' growing desire (across geographic territories) to be recognized as having 'personal needs' rather than being part of the 'mass market' ( )


* Detailed trend analysis outlining what constitutes 'value' for consumers (trends are, after all, a reflection of what's important to consumers)
* Global in focus, but also offers country-by-country and sector insights thereby catering to top-line or more specific information needs
* Covers all major FMCG sectors, but also with applicability to wider consumer goods audiences
* One of 10 dedicated mega-trend reports outlining the most important issues shaping global consumers' buying behavior both now and in the future


Good trend-watching is about taking the bigger-picture approach. Adopting a broader global perspective to trend-tracking facilitates better decision making by overcoming 'category myopia'. Monitoring the broader FMCG environment will enable bigger picture learning that can be applied more specifically.

Nearly three-quarters of global consumers attach importance to individuality and being able to express themselves. This is symptomatic of changing value sets whereby cultures once regarded as being collectivist are increasingly shaped by values that emphasize self expression and self-assertiveness.

Self-congruent consumerism is a trend whereby the image that a person has of her/himself often influences the brand/product choice. By choosing brands with particular image associations, individuals can communicate to others the type of person they are or want to be seen as.

Reasons to Purchase

* Understand the significance of the different individualism-aligned trends across territories and FMCG sectors to help support market diversification
* Save time and gain maximal insight by using this 'one-stop-shop' resource which offers a clear and up-to-date framework for understanding consumers
* Access data from two waves of global primary research to increase the likelihood of being 'on-trend' with NPD and marketing activities

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