Benchmarking the market potential for energy efficiency products and services in Europe
12/01/2009 added a new report on "Benchmarking the market potential for energy efficiency products and services in Europe" which gives market trends and strategies for energy efficiency products and services in Europe.

Online PR News – 01-December-2009 – – Benchmarking the market potential for energy efficiency products and services in Europe

The energy efficiency industry is undergoing rapid expansion as a result of rising energy prices and tighter market regulation as both utility and non-utility market participants seek to diversify their core offering as a strategic response to energy market liberalization. This report provides a unique assessment of the size and scale of the energy efficiency markets in all 27 EU Member States. ( )

Scope of this research

* A description of the typical products and services that typically make up the energy services offering across European nations.
* A benchmark of nine key metrics that assess the relative attractiveness of the energy efficiency market in every EU27 country over the 2000-15 period.
* Energy consumption and energy intensity data, power prices, capacity margins and consumer 'green'; credentials across all 27 EU Member States.
* A summary assessment of EU energy efficiency market potential based on the relative market attractiveness and competitiveness linked to power spend.

Research and analysis highlights

The power efficiency of major EU economies has risen following greater labor productivity. Tight capacity margins in several key European markets means energy efficiency can act as a low cost proxy for new power generation. Energy efficiency strategies should leverage purchase parity-adjusted price differentials in the former Soviet block countries

As far as attitudes towards energy efficiency are concerned, market entry strategies must consider the divergence in consumer behavior as consumers' willingness to pay more for energy efficient products and services is a key determinant of successful entry strategies as is the actual take-up of energy efficiency products and services.

Unaltered future power and gas consumption levels means energy efficiency will keep growing in line with the power services industry, albeit at a lower pace than seen over the 2000-05 period. The relative attractiveness of European energy efficiency markets will shift considerably over the next few years from their current position.

Key reasons to purchase this research

* Determine how energy efficiency markets have developed across the EU since the turn of the century and the way they will evolve in the coming years.
* Benchmark the relative importance of the nine key local factors that drive the demand for in-country energy efficiency and the way these will change.
* Determine which countries have the highest market attractiveness and competitive intensity scores, and the highest relative annual power spend.

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