Study while working with FORE School of Management

For the students who do not want to sacrifice their job in order to have higher education in management, Fore School offers a great option—part time PGDM programme. The course that continues with students’ current job teaches them new tools of management and improves their analytical skills. The three year course, divided into three terms, focuses on different levels, such as core course, foundation, integration and specialization. FORE School of Management has a brilliant record of world-class education and placements.

Online PR News – 27-April-2011 – – Often, young people already in careers find themselves at a strange cross-road. They find the do need a little boost in the qualification department. And being placed in the job of their dreams, one that supports them and their needs financially, they really are in a quandary. To quit and study or to stay on, slog and watch higher qualified people get all the promotions becomes a dilemma. “I did not want to stop working,” says Vaibhav Raj Bahadur, who currently works as a Lead Analyst with American Express and is a student in FORE’s PDGM programme.

For such students, Fore School of Management offers a very attractive option: their part-time management programme. Started in 1992, this three year PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) holds an approval from the All India Council for Technical Education, Ministry of Human Resources, Govt. of India.

Criteria for admission into the programme include a graduation degree from a recognized university and at least two years of career experience after graduation. Once applications are accepted, candidates will be tested and interviewed. Their final selection will depend on how they perform in the test, during the personal interview, their academic grades and work experience.

Once selected into the three year programme, students belonging to the Working Managers group (WMG) will be encouraged to develop new tools which will give them the definite edge of doing the same things differently, effectively. Prateek Arora, Unit Head with New Bridge Business Centre finds his thought process has improved. “The course has enhanced my decision making skills and transformed my way of thinking,” he observes. The PGDM at FSM provides its students with tools that develop personal analytical skills, provide them with problem solving techniques and impart knowledge on using management tools that will help them climb the career growth ladder.

Nothing teaches like experience does, and nobody knows it better than the faculty at FSM. “Faculty as Fore have vast experience through their guidelines it helps me to understand different persons at a particular peroid of time,” says Rahul Sharma, Store Manager and Marketing Manager with Hai Ho Garment. The curriculum is carefully blended so no area is left unexplored and no management avenue a mystery. The learning experience is complete, as it includes a mix of group discussions, role-plays, practical case studies, management games, seminars and presentations, sensitivity training, lectures and interactions with experts from various industries.

Each of the three years will be divided into three terms.

The first year begins in July and goes into March. During this time, newbies will work on their foundation and Core Courses.

Karan Bagga, Marketing and Sales Manager at Suimot Optics Pvt Ltd hopes the PDGM diploma will skyrocket his career. “I will have an edge because of a better understanding of business needs. I certainly look forward to future growth,” Karan says.

May is when the second year begins. Integration and Core Courses will be conducted again over three terms. The year ends in March.
In the third and year, which begins in May, students will continue with Integration and go into Specialization Courses. At the end of the three years, they will graduate and be awarded their PG Diplomas.