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04/27/2011 Reveals “15 Ways to SEO Optimize a Legal Blog”

Online PR News – 27-April-2011 – – Several law firms have reported that their traffic decreased significantly due to the new Google algorithm changes. Internet Marketing for Law Firms has evolved in recent months, and companies like have worked diligently to provide the firms they manage with the ability to climb in rankings and traffic. One firm in particular has experienced a 35% increase in site visitors per month. With analytics showing an average site traffic of 6,000 hits a month, jump to a steady 9,000 hits and maintaining growth throughout the last two quarters. When asked how this was accomplished, spokeswoman Dawn-Marie explained, “We added a weekend series, and posted twice a day to the blog, and traffic increased 50% over just two months. For less than a $1,000 increase a month his site receives 3,000 additional visitors a month, far cheaper than an Adwords campaign.”

You must specialize

According to Dawn-Marie, statistics show that most SEO companies in the industry are using less than half of the 15 different ways to optimize any blog. “You must specialize” We do law blog content, law articles, FAQ videos, and we upload and post all your content to your site for you, working with your inside or outside SEO and site staff.” This month is presenting a three part blog series listing the '15 Ways to Optimize a Legal Blog'.

When asked if they aren’t concerned that they will be giving away trade secrets, her reply was: “Maybe, but the chances are likely that most SEO providers haven’t delved or focused that deeply on the legal blog, which is huge mistake. Blogs out rank any other pages on a law firm sites.” In addition to the blog, has recently updated their website to display samples of law firm marketing articles and styles of legal blog content under their “Law Firms” tab. Samples range from $12-$20 dollars depending on the type of content, and if it’s full service posting and optimization for each page on the client’s site. The “Internet Marketing for Law Firms” webpage explains more about the Law firm marketing article packages and SEO content strategies for law firms.

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