35 Steel Pipe Fittings Manufacturers Added To The Pipes & Valves Directory

Pipes, hoses, tubing, valves and fittings to be promoted by organizer of the International Industrial Trade Show (IITS 2011)

Online PR News – 27-April-2011 – – Providence, Rhode Island – ArriveNEWS, publisher of the Industrial Pipe & Supply Expo as part of IITS, an online trade show for the manufacturing community announced Wednesday morning the debut of its all new Pipe, Valves & Fittings Directory at http://www.dir.industrialcoop.com/index.php?c=771 The publication, according to ArriveNEWS.com showcases a variety of plastic and metal pipes, structural metal, valves & fluid management products as well as a variety of fittings & flanges. The company said the directory enables users to compare all types of piping such as black galvanized, sanitary tubing, PVC, stainless steel, CPVC, copper, seamless and other types of pipes as well as various types of ball valves, solenoid, butterfly, gate, check, globe and other fluid management solutions.

“Luke Evans, spokesperson for ArriveNEWS and IITS said the website includes enough of offerings to service the needs of its users while being small enough to provide the personal attention companies deserve while sourcing for reliable Pipes, Valves & Fittings Manufacturers in domestic as well as foreign markets at
http://www.foreigntradeexchange.com/suppliers/pipes_valves_fittings.html According to Evans the types of structural metal offered on the site include rods, square tubing, angles, steel sheet, flat bars, ingots, round tubing as well as galvanized pipe, PVC, stainless steel, brass, copper, reinforced plastic and other piping as well as related industrial supplies such as bolts, nuts, lubricants, penetrants, coatings, sealers, chain, pipe cutters, steel sinks and other accessories.

“The Industrial Pipe and Supply offers on ArriveNEWS ranges from all kinds of pipes, structural metal, fittings, flanges and allied products for chemical, industrial, construction, engineering, sewage, water treatment, petrochemical, oil & gas, automotive, commercial & residential plumbing and other applications,” said Evans. He added, “Manufacturers and distributors of such fluid management equipment were selected by IITS editors based on the vendor's ability to offer a variety of options to those in need of pipes, tubing, valves and fittings for domestic and international markets.” Evans concluded, “ArriveNEWS has experienced tremendous growth last year because of it's focus on promoting quality industrial suppliers and the virtual trade show organizer plans to grow further in 2011 with the launch of additional publications serving the manufacturing community.” Evans can be reached at 206-339-1098 or arrivenews@fastmail.fm for more information.

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ArriveNEWS.com is an online industrial expo organizer and producer of the International Industrial Trade Show (IITS 2010). The site utilizes a simple platform to showcase its exhibitors by using online videos to demonstrate a wide range of innovative industrial equipment, machine tools and technology offered by manufacturers across the globe with emphasis on products made in the USA at http://www.arrivenews.com/iits.html

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