The History of Medical Scrubs – Explained by Totalscrubs

The use of medical scrubs has been around us for quite a long time. However, people have a misconception that the use of medical scrubs is a new trend. Hence we thought, we will explain them a little history about the medical scrubs, according to the professionals of

Online PR News – 12-May-2009 – – Lehi, UT ( OnlinePRNews ) May 12, 2009 – “The usage of medical scrubs has its roots back in 1918. With the outbreak of the Spanish flu, it became indispensable to maintain maximum cleanliness in all the hospitals. Hence the nurses and other staffs of the hospitals started to wear cotton masks during the surgery and other critical processes. The usage of the cotton masks was the start of the medical scrub concept. Soon the medical practitioners started wearing rubber gloves during the surgeries. This practice was widely accepted back in 1918 itself. As many years passed, lots of other medical attire came into use and today the medical attire are collectively known as medical scrubs”, says Peter Brooks of (

He added that, “By the early 50s, the use of medical scrubs was wide spread. All the medical scrubs used during that period came in a single style, all in white color. The white color of the medical scrubs represented the cleanliness. Later due to several consequences such as eye fatigue and high contrast blood splashes, white colored medical scrubs were avoided. Instead, they started using medical scrubs which were green in color. These green colored medical scrubs received a great welcome in the medical sector. Even today such medical scrubs are widely used. The medical scrubs used in the hospitals and healthcare units today come in all- sizes and colors. Moreover, you can get custom designs and motivational messages printed on these medical scrubs.”

Speaking on the move, Peter Brooks said, “Medical scrubs ( have taken many forms and today they are available in different styles and colors. There are many renowned companies such as landau scrubs, cherokee scrubs and dickies uniforms who are manufacturing highly durable medical scrubs and nursing uniforms today. You can even buy plain, branded medical scrubs and get them custom printed with some designs. According to today’s trend, the medical scrubs used in most of the childcare units will have cartoon characters printed on them. There are some healthcare facilities where some motivational messages will be printed on the medical scrubs.”

“The medical scrubs used today have changed a lot. The new trendy medical scrubs are comfortable for staffs of the healthcare units and are pleasing the visitors too.”


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