Releases New Home Improvement Instant Project Cost Calculator
04/27/2011 releases a new calculator to help figure out how much home improvement will cost. Calculator allows homeowners to search by type of improvement and asks questions to narrow down options, then provides a list of quotes from building contractors in the area. Home Improvement Calculator saves time and energy.

Online PR News – 27-April-2011 – – Home improvement resource website has just released a cost calculator to figure out how much money you are likely to spend on any given home improvement project. This calculator is likely to be of huge benefit to anyone planning renovations, repairs or projects, as it allows homeowners to instantly get a ballpark figure for spending.

The calculator first asks you the basic nature of your home repair project. You select a remodeling project such as "Flooring" or "Basement Remodeling" or "Countertops" from a drop-down menu and enter in your zip code. After this, you are taken to a screen which asks you a few questions about what you're planning to do. What sort of flooring do you want to work with? Tile, laminate, hardwood, carpet? Do you want to install a new one or repair/refinish an existing floor? This will help the calculator determine exactly what your cost will be. Then the calculator asks for your contact information in order to find a contractor near you. Once you give it that, it will provide a set of quotes from nearby contractors.

Basement Remodeling

Benefits of the Home Improvement Cost Calculator

By automating the quote process, the Home Improvement Cost Calculator saves homeowners a tremendous amount of time on price comparisons. Additionally, the standard cost provided by the calculator will provide a fail-safe if you want to try calling other contractors for additional quotes. They won't be able to highball you because you will have used the calculator to research industry standards for any given renovation or improvement. This is incredibly useful if you need multiple home improvements done by different contractors.

For instance, if your home floods due to a burst pipe, you will need repainting, reflooring, plumbing and perhaps a basement remodel. With the Home Improvement Cost Calculator, you can find four separate contractors, do research on how much it's going to cost, then just call each one and schedule the repairs. The calculator is designed to fulfill the business philosophy of BizziBid and take a lot of stress out of home repair and improvement.

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