Valoriani wood fired ovens: professional instruments to support Pizza Industry

It is necessary that the modern companies invest money and energy in supporting the development of the growing industry. Refrattari Valoriani with its production of wood fired ovens and gas ovens (the most recent one is Valoriani Verace, that can be used only for gas), fully meets the above specifications.

Online PR News – 27-April-2011 – – Recent researches, conducted by the European Institute of Italian pizza, shows that an Italian eats about 7.6 kg of pizza per year, a further evidence that the crisis, concerning all the world-wide economy, does not seem to have involved the pizzerias: their growth doesn’t know any setbacks.

Market trends, that affect pizza intakes, note a significant increase of the diffusion of classics Pizzerias, those where professional pizzaioli take out of the ovens delicious products deeply tied to the tradition: the statistics show an increase up to 14% from 2001 to 2010. Even the consumption of raw materials and the investment in new tools and equipments are rising, because the public pays more attention to the quality of the offered foods.

In this context, Valoriani wood fired ovens are well integrated. For decades they have been collecting great success and the approval by the professionals all over the world. The Florentine company has never stopped its engagement and its research, that operate to improve and enhance its ovens’ performances. This trend is evidenced by the recent launch of Valoriani Verace, a new product that allows to churn out real Verace Pizzas, even where it is possible to use only a gas oven.