Latest Parental Control Software Offers Better, Easier Digital Parenting

With Littleye parental computer monitoring software, many parents now keep track of their child's internet activities and limit them as necessary with the various built-in functions.

Online PR News – 27-April-2011 – – April 22, 2011 - Littleye is the latest in parental computer monitoring software bringing both its popular ease of use and robust feature set to parents, who can now view and control their kids' internet activities from anywhere, anytime.

Littleye provides powerful functionality such as the ability to monitor internet use, set time limits, block dangerous content, or even turn the internet off; all these can be done from another room or even from another country. Littleye makes it simple to manage what kids do online from a simple, easy to understand, web-based interface and iPhone app. Parents who want the reassurance of a safer internet experience for their kids can sign up for a no-risk 30 day trial at

The software allows parents to control what is and isn't allowed from a simple and easy to use interface. Littleye's Parental Control Center for iPhone allows parents to use their iPhone to conveniently track the details of their child's internet use from anywhere and anytime. The iPhone app has all of the features available on the web-based version of parental control and it can be downloaded from and the iTunes store.

Whether the Littleye parental control center is accessed from the web or the iPhone app, parents can use it to see all internet activity, set time limits, or disable the browser. Parents will definitely find useful the ability of Littleye to set time limits for specific sites such as online gaming and social networking, set daily time limits, or even turn off the internet with an internet “kill switch”. Littleye can be installed on as many computers as there are at home and different settings can be used for each child as appropriate. The software is free to download and works with multiple browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox and also works for both Mac OS X and PC operating systems.

Littleye believes in protecting kids on the internet by giving parents powerful software that is easy to use.