PosiGrip Announces the Launch of PosiShield for Commercial and Residential Use

PosiGrip has announced the launch of PosiShield, a new nano technology based product for commercial and residential use.

Online PR News – 27-April-2011 – – Daytona Beach, Florida, 19th April, 2011 – PosiGrip has announced the launch of PosiShield, a new nano technology based product for commercial and residential use.

PosiGrip dominates the slip resistant technology service industry for ceramic tile, marble, concrete, tubs and showers. They have been known for offering their anti slip floor coating application all round the globe. Recently in December 2010, the company launched PosiShield incorporating nano technology with a new completely organic line of products in the fight against bacteria, molds and the control of disease and infection.

Mario Signorelli, the CEO of PosiGrip, stated that “While chemicals in the past have been effective in the short term preventing the spread of germs and bacteria, today's chemicals, disinfectants and sterilants are the main cause in the trend of microorganisms and their mutation currently creating today's Superbugs. These diseases have become resistant to current antibiotics and so protectant nanotechnology represents a paradigm shift in chemical thinking and Posishield offers the first safe and effective long term antimicrobial protection. By the close of 2011 we will have offered and rolled out a total of 6 nano technology products.”

Experts say that PosiShield Antimicrobial coating creates an invisible barrier which inhibits the growth of bacteria and other microbes for pennies a square foot. It is effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae. When applied to a surface or fabric, PosiShield creates a matrix of positively charged spike like nano-molecules which bond strongly to the surface. Since bacteria, mold and fungi are negatively charged they are attracted to the antimicrobial layer where they are impaled on the spikes and receive an electrical shock resulting in a 100% kill ratio for all microbes which come into contact. The antimicrobial agent stays intact and active through repeated use and exposure to microbes.

PosiGrip is an Inc. 500 Company and have been Dun and Bradstreet rated since 1986 and has held a Better Business Bureau A+ accredited rating for over 15 years with not a single complaint regarding the company, product performance, warrantee, solutions, training, or their 24-hr technical support. These are well documented facts that they are all very proud of.

PosiGrip is now operating in 77 countries and it is common knowledge among their corporate clients that their anti slip floor coating products are environmentally safe and user friendly with a VOC of 0.5% which is considered Green in even the most sensitive environmental states and countries.

About PosiGrip:

PosiGrip was created in 1986 by Mario Signorelli and Charles F. Werz and is a non slip floor technology that can be used for almost any flooring type. The PosiGrip process creates a tread design on the mineral surface itself without losing the look or feel of your flooring. It helps turn dangerous slippery floors into anti slip flooring that are safer. The company has licensed individuals in 6 continents and 77 foreign countries.