Cabbage Soup Diet is Suprising Winner of Latest Weight Loss Poll

A poll of dieters has revealed that the cabbage soup diet is the most popular choice in 2011.

Online PR News – 27-April-2011 – – Move over Weight Watchers, the relentless cabbage soup diet has been crowned as the most popular diet of 2011. According to a poll conducted by the website which polled over 900 dieters.

How can the cabbage soup diet retain its popularity despite its peanut gallery of critics? “Even though the American economy is improving, many people are still feeling the pinch of the recession. The Cabbage Soup Diet is an affordable alternative to weight loss plans that require a monthly fee. All you need is a kitchen, a boatload of cabbage, and the fortitude to eat bowl after bowl of cabbage soup”, Feldman notes.

“We were surprised to find that the old-school cabbage soup diet outperformed some of the newer weight loss programs that have come out in recent years”’s founder, nutritionist Jason Feldman proclaims.

In the dieting polling, the "new" Cabbage Soup Diet came out on top, with 28% of participants reporting that they used the Cabbage Soup Diet in 2011. The cabbage soup diet edged out large-budget programs to lose weight such as Jenny Craig and the HCG diet. Weight Watchers came in at a close second with 19% of the vote. Ediets, the HCG diet plan and “other diet” rounded out the top 5.

Is it worrisome that so many are turning to the cabbage soup diet which many dietitians and doctor consider a “fad” diet? According to Feldman, it entirely depends on the type of cabbage soup diet you use to lose weight. “While the original 7 day diet may have helped people with rapid weight loss, it has a number of serious drawbacks, not the least of which is excessive muscle loss and extreme hunger.”

Feldman notes that an updated cabbage soup diet may provide many of the benefits of the original plan without the serious downsides and dangers. “The new cabbage soup diet takes the things people love about the weight loss plan like fast results and simple strategies while reducing the negative impact on health” Feldman describes.

“Our cabbage soup diet resource, gives you the exact steps to take to follow the new cabbage soup diet. Most other cabbage soup diet sites out there simply rehash the old information. If you’re looking for a new and exciting diet that works fast or if the old cabbage soup diet didn’t work for you, then you should try the new and improved version.”