Internet users to get free bonus products worth $4,534

May 23, 2011, California 12noon EST a new internet marketing invention will be released to the market by one of the known personalities in online marketing, the product is called ‘Rapid Cash

Online PR News – 27-April-2011 – – Get products worth $4,534 at no cost.

California, Monday, May 23, 2011, 12:00HRS noon EST one of the greatest names in internet marketing will be releasing a new product in the market known as the ‘Rapid Cash Tornado,’ which is meant to change the whole business angle in marketing products online.

Marketing through the internet has overtime expanded and the market is growing drastically, fresh ideas have emerged on how to exhaust and extract more money from the field therefore coming up with these invention.

The 3 founders of Rapid Cash Tornado are Salman Sadiq, Imran and Simon Write. Through this program, everyone who purchases it will have colossal privileges ranging from creation of word press websites automatically, purchasing of domain names, link building, using and manipulation of keywords in internet research among others.

Concerning the developing of websites through word press, Rapid Cash Tornado comes with inbuilt software which after creating the sites, 15 plugins will be installed in the word press websites so as to ease their optimization in search engines and therefore increase traffic. eBay, Clickbank and Amazon trading systems are among the greatest beneficiaries of this product in terms of promoting sales.

The product users will also have the provision of creating affiliate websites that can market and sell products from these gigantic networks like eBay and Amazon. This will be evident through the videos users will get from Rapid Cash Tornado that will assist them in website creation, linking and marketing their very websites in a bid to earn more and more money.

The offer comes with an additional benefit from Rapid Cash Tornado that comprises of tutorials on online advertising, Google adsense, marketing Sniper training books and many more. The bonuses add up to $4,534 worth of products given.

One of the success products of Rapid Cash Tornado co-founder Imran, was the Tweetomatic Profiteer that helped in conveying tweets and increasing traffic on tweeter also the successful Auto Traffic Avalanche product.

The product minor launch will be done on the 19th of May 2011.

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