Letter of Employment launched in Letters' section of Best Sample Resume

Letter of employment is a very important document which is produced in many important financial matters.

Online PR News – 27-April-2011 – – An employment letter is an official business letter, which is a proof about the fact that you are working in a particular firm or organization till date. Basically letter of employment is used for professional purposes so it should be printed on an official paper like a company’s letter head. The letter has to be addressed to a specific person, and the name and address have to be mentioned in the beginning of the letter. The chief purpose of writing should be featured in the first paragraph.
Many a times, the employee needs this letter for many purposes. To give few examples, if the employee is seeking for a loan, the financers may ask him/her for salary slips of few months and employment letter as well. Sometimes, even if you are planning for advanced studies, work experience is mandatory to be produced when the organization to which you are applying demands. Then the educational institute may also ask for the employment letter.
If a person is financing for friends or relatives to visit abroad, the embassy asks for employment letter. There are several other documents also that are required, which you can check online. Whichever documents that are required by the embassy should be the latest versions. As far as this letter is concerned, it should be printed on the company’s letter head that should clarify the date of correspondence, nature of service and designation of the individual person.
If an individual wants to get the citizenship of a particular country where he was not born, he needs to offer many documents and has to undergo legal inspection, subject to immigration law of the respective country.
If you need help, internet is the best medium that provides a lot of information regarding how to write such employment or business letter. Here is a small format:
Letter Format

Part I:
Date of Correspondence
Name of Employer
Address of Employer

Part II:
Name of the addressee / to whom it may concern

Part III:
Body of the letter
Employee information/ details: Name, designation, type of appointment, salary etc.
A correctly written letter is a proof of your capability in official correspondence.