Costa del Sol property collaborations

Expansion in collaboration agreements by leading estate agencies

Online PR News – 30-November-2009 – – In a further endeavour to offer potential buyers a wider selection of properties for sale on the Costa del Sol, we at Arriba Estates have expanded our network of collaborating agents throughout the Costa del Sol.

Now with approximately 4000 properties on our website, we are able to offer a far wider selection of properties per area than ever before! So now whether you are searching in Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Mijas, Marbella and so on, you will have a wider and better selection, thus enabling you to make a more informed decision before buying in Southern Spain.

Additionally not only will this benefit potential buyers but sellers as well. With more comprehensive property database, sellers will get a clearer idea of what sort of similar priced properties they are competing with.

Many agencies already claim to be on some sort of Multi-listing system (MLS), but the fact of the matter is that although many agencies are on shared databases and simply amass properties from a variety of sources with little or no relationship with their fellow agents. Unfortunately there also tends to be the situation where one property is on sales several times on the same site.

By collaborating with real estate agencies that have a proven track record and are well regarded on the Costa del Sol, we are confident both of the quality and accuracy of the advertised properties and know that most if not all will be fully compliant with the latest applicable legislations including decree 218.

Furthermore each agency is a specialist in its own area. Thus our collaborating agent in Mijas, for example, offers a wide selection of properties at prices that reflect the current market situation in those areas.

So from now on if you are looking at a property for sale on the Costa del Sol for 60,000€ or for 6,000,000€ you will find it on our website.

Andrew Belles

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