A Unique Partnership Heading for Global Success in the Paint Industry Sector

Do You Know You Could Insulate Your Home Simply by Adding this Magical, Safe Formula to Any Paint/Brand.

Online PR News – 28-April-2011 – – April 27, 2011 - Thermilate Technologies Limited through their online retailer Paint2insulate.com is fast becoming a formidable force in the paints and coatings industry; carving out specialist niches in the insulating, anti-condensation and anti mold paint sectors, set up in the United Kingdom (UK) just over a decade ago and the company has been distributing its products worldwide.

The company’s strength lies in its people, in its highly qualified experts, engineers and commercial experts all working together in teams with the responsibility for identifying the needs of the masses and developing products to meet these needs of a diverse coatings industry. The companies core market is its production of http://www.paint2insulate.com/ - thermal paint or insulating paint/energy saving paint.

Paint2insulate.com is responsible for much of the online distribution of the products for http://www.paint2insulate.com/- Thermilate Technologies Limited. This feature rich online retail site sets its goals high with the aim of becoming the number one global retailer for insulating paints provided by Thermilate Technologies Ltd. All the paints manufactured by this brand are certified and have been approved by UKAS. In partnership with the patent holder Thermilate Technologies Limited, paint2insulate.com has been developing unique worldwide delivery systems combined with highly effective systems.

A customer of paint2insulate.com (Mr. S Morse, Cardiff) submitted the following interesting views:

“The condensation problem in our bedrooms was a very awful issue and we didn’t know what to do. One day I was surfing through the Internet and I came across this website on my laptop screen - paint2insulate.com where I found an interesting, simple and cost-effective solution and an explanation for my problem when I contacted customer support. I did what they suggested; using their anti-condensation paint and it worked wonders as suggested. The temperature increased by an incredible 3⁰C from 15⁰C to 18⁰C and it took much longer for the house to cool down again. The paints provided by paint2insulate.com are great, easy to apply, odourless, all in all it was a great quality product, delivery was on time with an excellent return policy. After that I used those paints to make my rooms warmer up to 30⁰C during the cold days.”

Themalmix Insulating Paint Additive, one of the key selling products, the core product that gives paint its insulating properties is now on offer ‘buy 2 get 2 free’, which happens to be their fastest selling product of the month. With a combination of a great product and great offer customer’s seem highly attracted towards grabbing this item as quickly as possible. But this offer is going to end soon so hurry and get your sample soon.

Paint2insulate.com say they always offer products of only the highest quality, in addition to the key product insulating paint, the other products on offer are anti-condensation and anti mold paints, these can be delivered anywhere and whenever a customer wants. The most sincerest customer support is a motto of this online retailer and partner organization – Thermilate Technologies Limited.

Paint2insulate.com has launched the monthly prize through lucky draw. In accordance with this program, a customer who has purchased from the website will be selected randomly among all the list of customers and the winner will get a free 5L tin of Warmcoat totally free. This is done each month and the customers from corresponding month only will be participated for this lucky draw prize.

Increasingly new buildings and company foundations are highly interested in applying the paints produced by Thermilate Technologies Ltd. available in the online selling store, ‘paint2insulate.com’. The popularity is expanding throughout the UK, Europe and Internationally rapidly because of the benefits the product offers, along with the guarantee and satisfaction provided by this online retailer. The new arrivals in their paint category include Warmtouch, a metal primer which comes in a 5 liter tin (Black), Thermal Floor Insulating Primer, for insulating the floor, often used before laying down other flooring to provide under floor heating, and Ins0wall insulating Plaster – a lightweight plaster with insulating technologies incorporated into it.

Thermal Floor Insulating Primer is increasing in popularity at a rapid pace. It is designed for insulating the floor, which has considerable benefits in daily life both in cost savings and in the comfort provided into the house/building where used. It will help in warming up the room in a considerably shorter time and keep the heat in for a much longer time by reflecting the heat upward in the room, this will directly save the energy and reduces electricity bill.

This paint is made from a very special insulating composition that contains NanoCNB structures. The main work of this paint is http://www.paint2insulate.com/ - saving energy in the home through modern technology.

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Phone No.: 0845 680 6124
Address: Bianca Hatton
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