Charitable team building events are on the increase

Charitable team building events continue to thrive despite the recession

Online PR News – 30-November-2009 – – Despite the recession continuing to bite deep for many businesses, a large number of companies are still recognising the importance of maintaining morale in the team and bringing their staff together for a good old-fashined bit of 'team bonding'. And with budgets being continually squeezed, many businesses have chosen to give their team building day a charitable aim to ensure that the events still continue despite the sweeping cost cutting that is being seen across the corporate world.

Peter Barker, Director of Kaboura Events, states that 'whilst many of our team building events have seen a down turn in the last year, the specialist 'charitable team building' that we provide is almost 20% up on last year. Clearly the message of developing teams is still firmly on many peoples' agenda and having an opportunity to provide some tangible benefit to a worthy cause as part of this is helping many teams justify the budgetary spend for on-going events'.

Community Team building events clearly provide many benefits to worthy causes and charities and enable teams to bond and work together on real life challenges that really make a difference.

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