Universal Medical Inc. Becomes a Full Line Distributor for ERGOtug

The addition of ERGOtug’s motorized cart movers, now distributed by Universal Medical Inc., has changed hospital efficiency forever.

Online PR News – 11-May-2009 – – With Universal Medical Inc.’s distribution of ERGOtug’s innovative products, the days of medical personnel lugging bins from floor to floor, pushing and pulling patient beds up ramps, and wrestling heavy beds down inclines is over.

Hospitals have always struggled with their staff’s inefficiency when transporting heavy objects. The wasted time and unnecessary stress was one of the greatest problems for these facilities. Not only did this slow down a hospital’s service and patient care, but it contributed to staff injuries. In fact, 55% of hospital employee injuries have been related to the hauling of beds and bins around the facility.

ERGOtug, a division of NuStar Inc., has invented a modern solution to these difficulties. Their new motorized carts alleviate the constant struggle of transporting medical equipment, materials, and patient beds, which virtually eliminates past transportation problems. The cart movers and other products’ operation is simple and easy to master – they are turned on with a key switch located on the handset, where an illuminated control panel displays the remaining battery life. To move forward, a red speed control is pressed down, and the harder it is pushed the faster the mover will go. Stopping quickly involves depressing the red safety stop. All that’s required to attach a cart or bed is to back up to the item that needs to be moved, push down on the lift button, and then drive off to the desired destination.

Universal Medical Inc. is now an authorized distributor of ERGOtug’s products. Their devotion to customer service and strategic marketing allows them the ability to effectively distribute ERGOtug’s complete line. Universal Medical Inc. has become a major stop for motorized transporting needs.

Products such as the PT Cart Mover and the Lynx Cart Mover charge their batteries – which last 4 hours – by plugging a three pronged extension cord into one 110v outlet. The charging is automatic and will stop once the cart is fully charged. This is yet another reason why every medical facility should add ERGOtug’s products to their inventory.

No technical modifications are required when lifting different types of carts or beds – the products are built to transport all varieties of equipment upon its first assembly. Their ultra compact design, right or left hand compatibility, state of the art controller, long lasting tires, and one year warranty are just a few of the reasons why ERGOtug’s motorized transporters are the perfect fit for any hospital.

Universal Medical Inc.’s expert distribution of ERGOtug’s ground-breaking products will benefit hospitals and medical facilities in a revolutionary way.

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