Wind Power Site's - $500,000 Acquisition Offer
05/11/2009, a newly published internet site, receives acquisition offer in excess of $500,000 after only two month of web site publication

Online PR News – 11-May-2009 – – After only two months of going public on the World Wide Web, is one of the fastest growing ‘Blog’ web sites in the world of Renewable Energy and has already received an acquisition offer in excess of $50,000 from one of the world’s biggest Wind Turbine manufacturers.

The offering company, with headquarters located in Asia has asked not to be named while negotiations with MWPS are ongoing intends to use MWPS’s site as one of their main marketing platforms for introducing a new innovative range of ‘Home Wind Turbines’ similar to the ‘Jellyfish Wind Turbine’.

‘The residential wind turbine market will explode over the next 5 - 10 years and we would like to be on the forefront of this vast growing market’ “My is in our opinion the perfect platform to introduce our new products and to meet the precise target audience to which we would like to introduce our new range of 1.5Kwh – 3.0Kwh products to.” a spokesman for the manufacturer said. is a Blog site dedicated to renewable energy news and self build power generation with a simple but scientific approach. wind power and Wind Energy are MWPS’s preferred topics and is a internet site to watch in the rapidly growing alternative energy market.

In particular, articles highlighting the topic ‘How to build a wind turbine’ are already receiving phenomenally high CTR’s after only two month of going live. There are a number of articles on MWPS’s site which are covering this ‘hot’ topic in great detail including a simple Step-By-Step video tutorial on ‘How to build Wind Rotor Blades out of a PVC tube’. Amongst many other successful articles covering topics of renewable energy, the next most popular article on is listing the ’10 Major Wind Companies Of The World’

The site is a one-stop shop for electricity consumers who are interested in making savings on their electricity bill in residential homes and explains homeowners in plain, simple English how they can save an average of up to 90% on their electricity costs.

‘The great attraction of is that while the site’s content is highly attractive to anyone interested in renewable energy, in particular wind power, it also contains a ‘Scientific Wind Power’ section which means that it does not only attract the ordinary Joe Bloggs DIY handyman but also an audience of technically advanced internet users such as technology students, physicians and scientist in search for information they need for their profession’ “We are convinced that buying into will be a sound investment with a high ROI and we hope that we can close the deal in the next 14 days” the Asian manufacturer’s spokesman said with a smile.

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