SEO company offers free download of search engine rank checking software

Real Estate website developer and SEO company offers Mac, Windows, and Unix compatible rank checker software to safely check rankings for Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and hundreds of other major and regional search engines.

Online PR News – 30-November-2009 – – Real estate website developer and search engine optimization company Top Seller Sites has announced a new site in their network to give clients and webmasters another valuable tool to manage their search engine visibility.

The site,, is designed to provide useful information for website owners on how to safely monitor their own website's search engine rankings across many popular search engines, including Google, Yahoo!,and Bing. Without violating their terms of service.

The rank checking software, which is available for free download for Mac, Windows, and Unix compatible computers, is fully compliant with major search engines' TOS, which means webmasters no longer need to fear running afoul of the rules and damaging their website's reputation in the effort to monitor its performance in the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs).

"We've been very excited to try out the latest release of this rank checker software," Kevin Harper, owner of Top Seller Sites says. "In fact," he says, "the Bing rank checking feature has been extremely valuable for our clients to see where their sites are ranking on the new 'decision engine' released by Microsoft."

"Most packages we've tried don't do half of what this one does. With this package, you can schedule reports to be run at odd hours. You can automatically check KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index), a key index that helps decide where to allocate SEO dollars. You can even create beautiful, customizable reports to document progress for clients, bosses, and staff meetings. We couldn't do our real estate SEO work without it."

Harper says the free software download has many different available components that extend its functionality for various purposes. It can be used by small businesses to dramatically improve search engine performance and sales, or by large enterprises or even SEO firms.

"As a developer of high-end real estate websites that have to perform well on the search engines, we use this software to check our clients' website rankings periodically. The feedback and fine-tuned search engine marketing intelligence we are able to provide helps us compete."

More importantly, he says, it helps his clients compete.

"Our clients are the ones who benefit when we can see where they rank for hundreds of keyword and keyword variations across multiple search engines. In this competitive market, good rank checking software like this is a necessity, not a luxury."

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