US Unemployment Rate Crosses 10% in Oct’ 09 Thus Growing Work From Home Jobs & Online Marketing Business Opportunities

Unemployment in the United States of America is rising steadfast and has crossed the 10% mark i.e. 10.2% in October 2009 which was 6.5% in October 2008. Many unemployed professionals are now turning to the internet to find work from home jobs or even start a work from home online marketing business.

Online PR News – 30-November-2009 – – Online work from home jobs requires only professional skills if necessary according to assignment(s), a computer with internet connection, effective internet surfing skills and no / little investment for the hired professional. Offline & online businesses can get high quality dedicated workforce at competitive rates by hiring on the web therefore saving costs on buying furniture, office space and insurance.

Offline businesses need not actively monitor work in progress on an hourly basis as freelancers have to complete and deliver work according to contract agreed. Offline businesses are now looking at gaining customers, leads and goodwill online while increasing their income from their websites. Thus, they need people who can help them do just that online. Work from home jobs and work from home businesses are increasing fast as the trend has been actively seen that recession has had a positive impact on all types of work from home online marketing businesses.

Tom Oliver, a professional sales copywriter who works from home says: “The credit card debts are rising, mortgage payments are getting harder & increasing, the real estate value is declining, mortgage foreclosures are rising, marketing spends have decreased considerably vis-à-vis 2008, lending has slowed down, spending has been cut considerably by companies, the value of stocks within the stock market is declining, the job cuts are rising and public debt including bankruptcy is rising. Though the US economy is stated to be recovering from the recession, there is still quite a lot of time for it to recover completely as the situation is turning out into an unmanageable one.”

Some facts about recent unemployment rates:

As of May 2009, the city of Detroit had the highest rate of unemployment pegged at 14.9% followed by Inland Empire at 13% and Portland at 11.6%. Currently the estimated future projections of job losses until December 2009 for New York City is 181,000 jobs cuts according to The Associated Press which is being termed to become the biggest setback as of year 2009. Los Angeles follows a close second which is expected to lose at least 164,000 jobs followed by Miami which is set to lose 80,000 jobs.

According to the recent figures released for October 2009 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the state of Puerto Rico has the highest unemployment rate of 15.6% amongst all North American states. Michigan is close second at 15.1%. Nevada is third at 13% closely followed by Rhode Island at 12.9%. They are closely followed by California, South Carolina and D.C. at 12.5%, 12.1% and 11.9% respectively. The BLS counts all those who are available for work, do not have a job, are temporarily laid off waiting to be called back or have actively looked for a job within the past 4 weeks as “unemployed”.

However, there is definitely hope for unemployed individuals who’ve lost their day jobs recently. Both StomperNet & Affiliate Classroom provide personalized coaching / comprehensive courses to the average internet user who wants to setup an online business and make money online. Individuals can study and implement the program at their own speed to draw results accordingly as it’s quite easy to implement their training programs. They offer fantastic tools along with expert coaching which make it easier for their students to make money online while working from home.

“Many of these individuals who’ve recently lost their day jobs are making $10000 a month or have become millionaires after working hard on their online business from home daily for 6 months or even less. More importantly, they do not have to report to a boss or travel to a 9-to-5 day job office location while being able to spend quality time with their family and make unlimited income working from home. Many of these individuals are becoming financially independent with the help of online marketing coaching programs like StomperNet & Affiliate Classroom. They travel around the world with a laptop and wireless internet while enjoying new cultures, luxuries and scenic beauty” says Jeremy Icemaker, another Internet Marketer who lost his day job in December 2008.

It is very easy, extremely affordable and requires very little professional expertise to setup an online business which is why most people who’ve lost their day jobs have started an online marketing business working from home. The trend seems to be very promising and positive for the US economy though the effect is still marginal compared to the damage done by the sub-prime lending debacle & never ending off-shore war against terrorism.

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