Controversial book questions the role of the news media in the outcome of the 2008 elections.

Little Rock, AR—November 15, 2009—On the anniversary of the 2008 General Election, author Mark A. Anderson releases a controversial and thought provoking book titled, In the Tank—A Bound Blog: How the Media Political Machine Used Conveyance of Toxic Information to Become the Latest Political Force to be Reckoned With. In his premier title, Anderson takes a critical and in-depth look at the questionable tactics used by the most prominent of the American news media to both openly support as well as hinder candidates involved in the race to become the nation’s 44th President.

Online PR News – 30-November-2009 – – Political junkies, pundits, and scholars alike will enjoy the compelling arguments and points of discussion raised as Mark shares his personal blog posts, citing brazen bias and extreme irregularities in the manner of media coverage provided to candidates during the height of the 2008 primaries and leading up to the general election.

Anderson declares, “By actively engaging in a clandestine campaign to put a drag on and derail the campaigns of several of the ’08 election season’s top candidates…..the news media freely exercised a power and authority over the election process never before witnessed by the nation’s citizens.” Anderson provides numerous indisputable cases of blatant bias against some presidential candidates, and unabashed favor for others to the point that a significant effect on outcome of several primary elections and perhaps even the general election itself cannot be denied.

In the Tank—A Bound Blog, confronts the reality of a rogue media that has traveled far from its original and charted course and threatens the very foundation of a government of and for the people. “The uninhibited audacity that the most prominent agents and organizations within the news media community displayed while openly campaigning for and against candidates and their campaigns….reflected the determination of a once trustworthy pillar of this society to wrestle the reins from the hands of the people and exercise supreme authority over our country’s national election process,” Anderson contends. The book is written like a running blog with thoughtful essays throughout that expound upon the most critical points of this contribution to the analysis of the democratic election process. The purpose of the book is to promote the sustainment of independent thought and freedom as well as to expose the dishonorable actions of the nation’s news media during the most recent presidential election.

MARK A. ANDERSON is a native of central Arkansas, and currently resides in Oklahoma. He earned both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in history and political science respectively. He is a commissioned officer in the United States Armed Forces who served faithfully in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is the recipient of both the Bronze Star Service and Joint Service Commendation Medals for his wartime service.

In the Tank—A Bound Blog is currently available in perfect bound soft cover and hard cover form at both the Barnes and Noble and websites by simply typing In the Tank by Mark A. Anderson into the website's search box.

In the Tank—A Bound Blog: How the Media Political Machine Used Conveyance of Toxic Information to Become the Latest Political Force to Be Reckoned With by Mark A. Anderson
ISBN 978-1-4401-6281-7

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