Key West Snorkeling Co. Expands to Incorporate New Activities Division

In a surprise move, Key West Snorkeling Co. has taken the reigns of Key West Activities Co., making it the newest member of the Family.

Online PR News – 28-November-2009 – – On what seems to be a wave of good news and good fortune lately for Key West Snorkeling Co., the latest development involves a whole new divistion at this amazingly successul upstart travel company based in Key West, FL. Board members have seized the opportunity and taken control of what used to be known as Key West Activities Company. Now the company and its website,, now fall under the ever expanding umbrella of Key West Snorkeling Co.

This good news means the people at Key West Snorkeling Co. will now be offering much much more than just news, excursions, photos, and information on Key West snorkeling. Now the company will bring its successful mixture of professional grade photography, reporting, and constant updates to land, as they will cover events, tours, and news of Key West itself. No longer confined to covering the reef and the water conditions, the staff is excited to expand in such exponential ways.

"This is so exciting for us. We started offering Key West Snorkeling trips to vacationers who wanted a more personal experience" says Dave Hammer, Vice President of Marketing at Key West Snorkeling Co. He adds, "It's been fun these past few years, working with underwater photography, doing the writeups of new snorkeling spots, and finally being able to offer new trips to our customers, all of which set us apart from the larger Key West snorkeling outfits out there. Now, we're thrilled to be able to bring these skills and enthusiasm to other areas of Key West activities."

The staff plans to first review the existing website of Key West Activities, After pinpointing areas in which the staff feels it's important to develop, assignments will be given out and the website as well as the services offered will really begin to take off, says Mr. Hammer. One service they plan on offering will be live coverage of major Key West planned events such as Fantasy Fest, Bike Week, Hemingway Days, Dolphin and Sailfish tournaments and so many more, as there are several festivals and events each month in this busy town.

The new direction in which staff members plan to take the Key West Activities division of their company will be current events. Written by locals who have first-hand knowledge of what's going on in the Southermost City, this news-style section of will be like no other website. Readers from far away will get to know what's going on, in detail and from a local perspective. This area should be useful for people planning a vacation, or even snowbirds who like to keep tabs on Key West while they're elsewhere on the planet.

To see the new addition to Key West Snokeling Co.'s family of websites, go to and check it out for yourself. And keep checking because the folks here plan many upcoming developments and improvements to the site.