Denver Questionfish: A New Way to Discover Denver

Denver Questionfish is a website for all those who want to explore a new place and to surely get an answer to relevant questions regarding Denver Colorado. QuestionFish Denver strives to go beyond a simple virtual presence, by fostering real world ties within communities.

Online PR News – 28-November-2009 – – USA, November 28, 2009 - Look no further, Denver Questionfish is here to provide the local community with an interactive website to fit all needs. It not only provides information about Denver Colorado, but also tells us about the types of communities that exist within it. One of the most exciting features of Denver Questionfish is that you may personalize it and have your own personal space and can join groups with people who have similar interests or groups that interest you in particular. It has information links such as CityFish National which gives the inside scoop on the latest national news and events, travel updates, etc. Also there is the Cityfish local link which gives all the latest events, news, and things to do in the local Denver area.

Nick Shelton (Denver Questionfish owner) had this to say: “Questionfish is new to Denver and we're going to be working hard to become your website of choice in 2010. We're an interactive web community program, and we’re going to become your go-to source for finding the best in Denver. We'll help you find the best values for everyday shopping and entertainment. We'll help you find that special someone, and let you know about events and attractions in our community.

Questionfish Denver has a directory of businesses committed to serving the greater Denver area. We feature a question and answer forum and invite you to talk about national and local issues and news. We're a how-to source, and address everything from household repairs to child care. Questionfish Denver is locally owned and connected to our city and our people.
Coming in January we will also be the premier place to post and/or search classifieds, real estate and jobs. Check us out every day and watch us grow. Better yet, contribute your opinions and thoughts.”

QuestionFish is centered around one simple ore mission: to provide answers to our users’ questions in whatever form they may take.

Whether they are trivial or life-changing, esoteric or universal, factual or conceptual, Denver Questionfish is a centralized home for the answers. Users might search or browse through an existing directory of the asked and answered, create a new thread for their own questions, or help other users seeking answers. For more complex questions or a detailed approach, how-tos written by users or sponsors give visitors the key steps.

Beyond being a storehouse of knowledge, or an impersonal exchange of anonymous users, QuestionFish is focused around the promotion of social networking. Users are provided with their own home on QuestionFish Denver, to share information about themselves and their interests. They might interact virtually by joining a group, or they might meet others in the real world by using our dating options. Unlike most large sites, QuestionFish is committed to a localized approach. Each of our 60+ city hubs is moderated by a local resident, who adapts site specifics to community desires. Our city site managers also maintain a directory of local businesses and happenings, and act as point of contact for local interest sponsorship.

About Denver Questionfish
Denver Questionfish is an interactive web community program, and we’re going to become your go-to source for finding the best in Denver.

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