Key West Snorkeling Co. Expands its Trip Schedule to Add 6 New Spots!

Now, guests who book excursions with Key West Snorkeling Co. have more choices than with any other snorkeling boats in the entire city!

Online PR News – 28-November-2009 – – As part of an overall expansion plan, Key West Snorkeling Co. has added six new exciting snorkeling destinations to the roster of available tours. This makes it possible for snorkelers to choose their snorkeling trip according to their level of experience and their own vacation plans. For example, if a family wants to book a snorkeling excursion that takes them to remote spots, and they have all day, they can book a six-hour trip which includes lunch and a slightly longer drive to that special destination. For others, a shorter drive to a more crowded spot is just fine, and they can be back at the docks by lunch time.

In addition to the existing half-day reef snorkeling trips to Sand Key and Rock Key, Key West Snorkeling Co. now takes passengers to patch reefs for mini snorkeling excursions. The new mini excursion is called the Recession Buster, and can be incorporated into just about any vacation budget due to its lower price. The folks at Key West Snorkeling Co.'s office are proud of their tradition of bringing the joys of the marine world to everyone, no matter what shape their finances are in.

New trips also include a six hour excursion westward toward the Marquesas, with multiple stops on the way, including a sponge field. This trip is especially great for families with kids, since the ride is very smooth because of the protected route the captain takes.

"Why snorkel the same spot every time you visit Key West? Or why go to the same spot again and again if you book multiple trips? And why go where all the other snorkeling boats go? We offer more variety, so our guides can take snorkelers whereever they think conditions will be most favorable that day. You just don't get that with any other snorkeling boat in Key West" says Dave Hammer, vice president of marketing at "We can tailor our snorkeling trips to the weather, tides, and even the passengers, depending on their level of experience. It's pretty much like a private charter at this point!" he jokes, but quickly adding that their prices are very reasonable, much lower than a private snorkeling charter would cost.

Vacationers in Key West can find out more about these exciting new trips by visiting Key West Snorkeling Co.'s website at The website features hundreds of underwater color photographs of the new snorkeling spots, as well as detailed information about the marine life and structures found at each spot. Learn about the exciting six new snorkeling destinations, and a whole lot more. Get a preview of what lives under the surface of the ocean, and you might be able to identify sea life as you see it when snorkeling in Key West.