Premier Key West Tour Operator, Best On Key West, Now Featuring A Back Country Safari Tour

Best On Key West, a popular Key West tour company, is currently featuring a Back Country Safari Tour. This unique tour takes guests to the shallowest snorkel and kayak locations around the island in a beautiful Skipjack boat.

Online PR News – 11-May-2009 – – KEY WEST, FL - Best On Key West, a premier tour operator in Key West, FL, recently announced that it is featuring a special Back Country Safari Tour for visitors of all ages to enjoy. Guests of the Back Country Safari tour initially set sail on an American vessel called The Dangers Prize to experience some of the best snorkeling, kayaking and sailing the island has to offer.

The Dangers Prize is a Skipjack boat, which offers a shallow design and a large sail -- the ideal combination for backcountry sailing. Guests on the Back Country Safari Tour have the opportunity to enjoy the shallowest Key West snorkeling spots available, bringing them up close and personal with the colorful collection of sea life offered by the tropical paradise. The specific snorkeling locations will vary day to day, depending on weather and tide conditions. However, by sticking strictly to backcountry areas, guests will rest assured their sailing trip will avoid overly rough or hazardous waters.

"Our exciting and fun-filled Back Country Safari Tour has quickly become one of our top selling Key West excursions. By visiting only calm, shallow snorkeling destinations, guests will not only get better visibility under the water, but they can also feel confident they will not experience any uncomfortable seasickness," says Chris Gardner of Best On Key West.

Along with exceptional snorkeling experiences, guests of the Back Country Safari Tour also have the pleasure of exploring Key West via kayak. By traveling with an experienced kayak guide, guests can enjoy the beautiful ecosystem of Mangrove Island. On the guided kayak tour, guests often glimpse the area's abundant wildlife, including tropical birds, plants, sport fish and other animals.

Ranked the second best tour operator in the world, Best On Key West offers a wide variety of action-packed Key West tours in addition to its popular Back Country Safari excursion. From Key West scuba diving, to dolphin cruises and historical land tours, Best On Key West provides visitors with exciting vacation experiences that every member of the family can enjoy.

"Because of the year-round beauty of Key West, vacationers never run out of fun and exciting activities to experience. Whether viewing the ocean from a glass bottom boat, or spending a relaxing day poolside at a quaint Key West Inn, visitors to Key West are always amazed at the abundance of enjoyable and unique experiences that the island offers," said Gardner.

About Best On Key West: Best On Key West is a company offering a variety of action-packed tours, including special Key West snorkeling excursions. Whether you're looking to snorkel or just relax at a Key West inn, the firm excels at helping guests enjoy all of the activities that the world-renowned tropical paradise offers.

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