Gusher Pump Eliminates Mechanical Seal in Machining Application

Gusher Pump teamed with Ohio Transmission & Pump (OTP) to resolve ongoing mechanical seal failures in a machining application at an automotive components plant in Kentucky.

Online PR News – 28-November-2009 – – LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – Ohio Transmission & Pump (OTP) teamed with Gusher Pump to resolve ongoing mechanical seal failures in a machining application at an automotive components plant.

The automotive plant was having trouble with a horizontal base mounted pump in a machining process. This pump was used to circulate 176 degree Fahrenheit quench oil through a filter and back to a collection tank. The hot oil with suspended metal fines caused frequent mechanical seal failures which resulted in regular oil leakage. After some time, the pump performance got so bad that the customer actually remounted the pump inside a basin to collect the ongoing oil leakage.

“We considered replacing the pump with a Gusher vertical immersion pump, which we have often used in similar applications,” stated Dave Hancock, OTP Pump Application Engineer. “We also considered replacing the seal with a Flowserve mechanical seal.” However, the physical constraints prevented the mounting of a pump inside the tank and the customer was seeking a solution that eliminated the mechanical seal.

The Gusher 7550 EC series vertical pump resolved the problem. This pump is ideal for this specific application due to its enclosed column which allows it to be mounted outside the tank - and it was not fitted with a mechanical seal. Its jacketed ball bearing housing is ideal for high temperature applications. Although this pump initially cost three times more than the pump it replaced, it quickly provided maintenance cost savings by eliminating seal failures and the resulting mess of a leaking pump.

The first Gusher Pump was installed in this application over three years ago and it is still running with no problems. The automotive customer has since purchased two more pumps for similar service in other areas of the plant and is now looking into making this pump a standard at its other manufacturing plants. Gusher Pump proved again to be a good partner with just the right pump to solve any application.

Gusher Pump provides one of the largest selections of centrifugal pumps available from a single manufacturer. Models include a broad line of close coupled pumps, end suction pumps, immersed pumps, self-priming pumps, vortex pumps, sludge pumps, multi-stage pumps, full cantilever pumps and turbine pumps. Gusher Pump is commonly used in heavy duty pumping service in a wide range of industrial applications including spray booths, industrial spray washers, paint and coolant systems.

Flowserve Mechanical Seal represents a collection of trusted products, including pusher seals, bellows seals, slurry seals, dry running seals, standard cartridge seals and the newest technology – the ISC2 family of cartridge seals with exclusive thermal management technology to tolerate dry running and cavitation.
The OTP website includes full support of both Gusher Pump and Flowserve Mechanical Seal. The “Ask the OTP Experts” on-line functionality enables the user to easily find technical information about Gusher and Flowserve products, and to quickly connect to local experts to obtain specific recommendation for their pump and mechanical seal applications.

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