Alessandro Gariboldi of Sharp & Botanica Felicitates Dr. Purnima Mhatre

Mr. Gariboldi on his India visit, also honoured Dr. Purnima Mhatre for her outstanding work in the field of aesthetic skin surgery for the last 17 years

Online PR News – 27-November-2009 – – They say the Italians have taste; style and panache.

They say; an Italian man can bring out true beauty in a woman.

Here’s all that and more; though with a little cosmetic twist. Meet Allesandro Gariboldi, President, Sharp and Botanica, the man behind the most pioneering cellulite reducing technologies and systems available in the market today .

The President of Sharp and Botanica, an Italian company engaged in aesthetic solutions; Allesandro visited India upon the invitation of Dr. Purnima Mhatre of Gorgeous Skin Pvt. Ltd. to dispel false notions that people harbour about aesthetic surgery.

Mr. Gariboldi on his India visit, also honoured Dr. Purnima Mhatre for her outstanding work in the field of aesthetic skin surgery for the last 17 years.

Alessandro Gariboldi, talking about their path breaking innovations, says, "Our systems are based on the newest technology worldwide, Ultrasonic Cavitation and Radio Frequency. These are non - invasive technologies for fat loss, called non-invasive liposuction. This combination of Thermo C and Ultra Lipo have no side effects, no surgery, no downtime, and no special diets. Its a completely hassle free treatment for fat loss.These are the first machines of its kind in India , based on this technology.

Talking about the growing Indian market of aesthetic fat loss, Mr. Gariboldi added, "We want to change the way people loose fat in India, through education about the non - invasive techniques, and best possible technologies."
Body shaping is the focus here, and not just loosing weight. As Mr. Gariboldi puts it, "its not the fight with the flab, but how you look, when you face the mirror!"

This working methodology of combining Thermo C and Ultra Lipo, is already being used with amazing results all over the world, in countries like Australia, Russia, Dubai, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Spain, and so forth.Till now, 700 machines have been sold all over the world; on an average 50 people on every machine have been treated. Approximately 50000 people treated using this technological combination.

Mr. Gariboldi stresses, that the most important factor in the usage of this technology is that these procedures should be performed by professionally trained doctors, with adequate experience only. This system is to be found only in high profile clinics, like Gorgeous Skin in India, which is efficiently run under the expert leadership and guidance of Dr. Purnima Mhatre.

Adds Dr. Purnima Mhatre, “Scientific advancements have made aesthetic surgery more and more non-invasive. We would like pioneers like Allesandro to impart knowledge regarding cosmetic methods and help us deliver better solutions.”

India is one of the fastest growing and the most interesting market for aesthetic procedures as the culture of body shaping, being in perfect body shape is relatively new in the country, compared to the American and European markets. The Indian market is booming at a very fast pace, a growth rate of 300 - 400 % over the next one year time period is expected.

This combo of Thermo C and Ultra Lipo is the most widely used system combination compared to any other technology in terms of non-invasive slimming machines.
Other markets that are booming at par with Indian markets in this sector are South America, Brazil, Columbia, Venenzuela, Russia.

Sharp and Biotic will be investing huge pools of resources to develop the booming India market of non - invasive fat loss, by way of education, training, exhibitions, workshops, etc, and every 2-3 months, there will be promotional events in India to promote the technology.