Jim Lynn Talks about Oil Gone Easy Products on Meet the Planet

Jim Lynn, the inventor of Oil Gone Easy S-200 products, talks about the environmental impact caused by oil runoff from land. He explains how conventional oil spill cleanup methods damage the environment and stresses on the importance of using eco-friendly oil spill cleaners like Oil Gone Easy S-200.

Online PR News – 27-November-2009 – – Jim Lynn, the inventor of Oil Gone Easy products, appeared as a guest on Meet the Planet, an environmental multi-media show that strives to create awareness among people to come up with positive and educated solutions to deal with challenging situations in the world today.

On this show, Jim Lynn talks about the negative environmental impact caused by minor oil spills from cars and trucks. Every day, millions of engines make one-drop-at-a-time "oil spills" on the roads and parking lots, which end up in to our oceans and rivers when it rains.

He states that, of the 20 million gallons of petroleum that escape into the North American waters every year, 17 million are a result of land-based runoffs from vehicles, contamination by recreational boaters, and fuel dumping by commercial boaters. He also describes the harmful effects that these oil spills have on the marine life.

Ahead on the show, Jim Lynn explains how oil spill cleanup techniques, such as pressure washing, cleanup using dispersants and hot water, instead of cleaning up cause more harm to the environment.

He then talks about Oil Gone Easy products and the bioremediation technology used in these products. He explains how bioremediation technology, cleans an oil spill in an effective and environmentally-friendly way without causing any further damage.

He reveals that the industrial version of this bioremediation accelerator was tested by the Spanish government for more than nine months in their laboratories as well as on site with the Prestige Oil Spill that occurred on the coast of Spain. Of the 50 products tested, Oil Gone Easy was the only product selected for the continuing cleanup of the shoreline. The second generation of the product was also successfully used to cleanup 70 miles of the contaminated shore after the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska.

To know more about oil spills in the U.S., visit EPA’s website and to learn more about Oil Gone Easy products, log on to www.oilgoneeasy.com.