New websites focused on educating consumers about FHA mortgages

MGN web properties announces a new financial website focused on FHA mortgages.

Online PR News – 27-November-2009 – – MGN Web Properties a new company that focuses on meeting the demands of consumers looking to be matched with home loan services is launching even more sites. Today MGN Web Properties announced the formation of a new site called My-FHA-Mortgage. As usual the MGN team has launched a quality site dedicated to informing consumers on FHA Mortgage related topics. The best part of the site is the original content and structured calculators that help consumers make informed decisions about FHA mortgages. With FHA mortgages on the rise it was only a matter of time for MGN to capitalize on the popularity of these loans that are insured by the federal government.

“It seems to us that FHA mortgages aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact these loans are good for Americans. Sub-prime loans did such damage to the average American just looking to have a piece of the American dream. With FHA mortgages that dream is now a reality again and were happy to be a part of it. Our sites are not pushing any product or service. They simply inform the general public about FHA mortgages. If a consumer wants to speak with a lender they can fill out the fast form, otherwise, they can rest assured My-FHA-Mortgage will give them new articles, tools, and user generated feedback to help them decide if they are a fit for an FHA mortgage. The best part about our site is the user feedback and social networking aspect. We step back and let the public use our site as a means to interact and learn from a shared experience”

Nathan with MGN Web Properties

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