Secret SEO List of Free Press Release Distribution Sites

SEO Internet Marketing firm unveils its secret list of Top Rated Free Press Release Submission sites that can help drive traffic to your website

Online PR News – 26-November-2009 – – SEO Internet Marketing firm Irbtrax recently created a website that contains a list of 20 plus top rated Free Press Release Submission Service Sites that offer measurable SEO and traffic building results. The website called was developed to be an online resource for users of free press release distribution marketing strategies. It includes important how-to-use tips and other valuable information.

According to Steve Johnson, who is the administrator-

"Our most successful press releases have generated over 150 unique visitors to our website. And we feel that this traffic is of a very high quality because if while reading the release they decide to visit our website. It generally means they have a compelling reason." is the result of a lengthy process of testing of over one hundred free press release distribution service sites to measure the following functions:

Working Backlinks or Anchor text.
The site's US and Global traffic ranking.
User friendly online registration and submission formats.
Google Internet visibility. Releases remain searchable long after submission.

According to Mr. Johnson: "Our primary goal was to create a list of free online services that offered our clients the best return for their time and effort. When all was said and done, we felt this information was too valuable to keep to ourselves."

Providing a specific example, the administrator points out that Free Press Release service was included on the list because it met or exceeded these important SEO and Internet Marketing applications. Including Social Media benefits, such as being retransmitted by users of or included on popular Blogs.

About: PrSiteList was created by and is dedicated to providing a unique easy to use online resource for users of multiple Free Press Release Distribution services and strategies. It's 20 plus lists are continually updated. The site also includes valuable Press Release Marketing tips and information on how to write effective press releases.

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