Books on Sikh History – Unique Collection Released

A Great Collection Of Books on Sikh History has been released for worldwide access
to all sikhs on this Unique Webstore of Books on Sikhism . The Collection consists of some great Books in both English and Punjabi by some very famous writers like Khushwant Singh , Patwant Singh , Cunningham , Gregor , Mark Tully , Kartar Singh Duggal , Sohan Singh Sheetal , Satbir Singh and many more .

Online PR News – 26-November-2009 – – B.Jawahar Singh Kirpal Singh & Co have added a collection of some great books on Sikh History on their Online Webstore . The collection consists of some famous Books on Sikh History by some of the greatest writers such as Khushwant Singh , Patwant Singh , Joseph Davey Cunningham , W.L.M .Gregor , Ganda Singh , Mark Tully , K Natwar Singh , Kartar Singh Duggal , Sohan Singh Sheetal , Satbir Singh , Charan Singh Safri . The Collection consists of some famous Books such as The Sikhs by Patwant Singh , The Sikh History by Joseph Davey Cunningham , The Sikh History by WLM Gregor , Amritsar – Mrs Indira Gandhi’s Last battle by Mark Tully and Satish Jacob , The Butcher of Amritsar (A Book on General Dyer and Jallianwala Bagh Massacre) , The Punjab Story by K.P.S Gill and Khushwant Singh , The Magnificent Maharaja By K.Natwar Singh , Operation Blue Star – the True Story by Gen K.S. Brar , My Bleeding Punjab by Khushwant Singh , Sikh History By Khushwant Singh (in Punjabi), Sikh History By Satbir Singh (in Punjabi) .
The Collection has been launched with the sole aim to educate sikhs about their Glorious Past , acts of Bravery , sacrifices and their rich history . Books have been selected from both Punjabi and English Language so that maximum sikhs and other population could benefit from it .
The Company plans to organize other collections of Books on Sikh Gurbani , Books on Sikh Philosophy , Sikh Gutkas of Gurbani , Books on Sikh Gurus , Books on Sikh Gurdwaras etc online soon and make them available at their webstore for sikhs throughout the world .
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