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WinReminder helps you plan our time and assists you in organizing your daily life.Now, it defeats others ranking high for weeks on the list of most popular software on There is no suspense that WinReminder is a pop star now.

Online PR News – 26-November-2009 – – Wanna keep working without anything being forgotten? Wanna find something to repair your bad memory and put your life in good order? WinReminder’popularity proves itself to be the best choice. Now it’s time to unveil the resons why WinReminder can stand out from other competitors.

WinReminder is designed to cater for the general public, so people can manage it without special training. Work can be finished by only several clicks.

Plenty of choices:
The program offers a wide choice of notifications, including display notifications, playing sounds or CDs, lanching programs, e-mail and even SMS messages.

Flexibility and powerfulness:
A flexible and powerful scheduler that can create one-time events as well as reminders repeating every day, once a week, once a month or once a year.
Specifying any custom period of time and the program will alert you regularly.
Browsing events and find reminders for any given date.
Grouping alerts by type (birthdays, meetings, calls, etc) to display them in the most convenient way.

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